Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring's a'comin!


Secondly, it's...

No big plans at all.  Some touch up painting in my bedroom and living room, and steam cleaning the carpets, but then it's all FREE time.  The kids say they are sleeping the entire spring break (teenagers!)  Which leaves me even MORE free time!

I desperately need to cull the closet and dresser and see what I need for spring/summer.  Then I can focus my energy on recreating pretties like these from Modcloth:

And of course I'm going to finish my vintagey Muppet's-inspired seersucker dress too. That's up first. 

Another project that's looming is PROM.  This year, our theme is vintage circus.  It's really going to be lovely.  Modcloth has the PERFECT dress too...that I will need to completely knock off since it likely doesn't come in my size (and I'm just knockoff-ey like that):

With the zoom (on the  Modcloth site), you can tell that these are seamed strips of alternating colors, in a satiny fabric.  I'm never sewing satin again (IN MY LIFE) but...a sateen might be pretty.  I'm also a terrible fit for this particular a-line flare type of dress, so I'll probably modify for a waist band and a gathered (or maybe pleated?) skirt.  But isn't it lovely??

And so perfect for our theme, which was inspired, of course, by this:

How awesome is it that I get to do TWO vintage-themed proms in a row??

But first today, I have to go shopping for a baby gift for my sweet nephew who is 1. How time flies!  I think he needs a tractor and some farm animals.   I missed Wednesday Wisdom this week (the week got away from me! And it was hard to top last weeks anyway), so I leave you with a holiday-inspired quotable.  Happy Weekend!


  1. Enjoy your Spring break - I'm jealous, we have another 2 weeks to wait for ours.

    The dresses are gorgeous - can wait to wear summer clothes :)

  2. ok seriously, that prom dress is AWESOME. Especially the seamed stripes. Well, and just... everything. LOVE that thing.

    (And every year I also think it's hilarious that you get to wear a "prom" dress. That is also awesome!)

  3. You lucky duck - you're just starting your break as I'm finishing mine.

    I have been thinking about my prom dress for this year too. I can't decide what I want - hopefully, inspiration will strike soon.

  4. I have 2 student prom dresses to do this year, and haven't thought at all about mine... Yet! Have a restful Spring Break, looking forward to mine in 2 more weeks!

  5. Happy Saint Patrick's day, and happy Spring break as well!

    I love your prom dress inspiration choice. Sateen would be fine, but satin would be dreamy, and is not nearly as hard to sew with as you think. It's really all about the pinning! Pin closely together with very fine pins that promise to leave no marks. I'm sure that you've read many of the posts in cyber sewing land about sewing with slippery fabrics, but if you haven't, drop me a line and I'll send you some links.

  6. OMG! I love that black and white striped dress! and all the other modcloth dresses. If I ever win one of those contests I keep seeing for $100, I would totally spend it all there, oh man!


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