Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glam: Carole Lombard

She is one of my favorite actresses of all time, and I don't see her mentioned very often.   She was funny and brassy and bold.  And really quite beautiful.  I love that she's completely glamorous and perfect in one photo and in shorts and deck shoes or pitching a baseball in the next.  I suspect she lived life to the fullest.  That's real style!

I've always thought her eyes were her most striking feature, with their unique "sanpaku" condition (where the iris is small enough or positioned so that the white shows beneath it).  Historically there have been a variety of superstitions about sanpaku eyes.  Other famous persons with sanpaku include Marilyn Monroe, JFK, James Dean, Natalie Wood.  Robert Pattinson (hehe)

She was married to two of my favorite actors,  William Powell and later to Clark Gable.  She and Gable famously referred to each other as "Ma and Pa", and lived on a little ranch in the San Fernando Valley.  Their relationship started with a bit of scandal; he was still married when they began their affair.  His divorce to his wife was final on March 7, 1939.  He and Lombard were married on March 29, 1939.

Carole Lombard was killed in a plane crash in 1942 in Las Vegas, returning home from a war bonds rally in her native state of Indiana.  She was 33 years old.


If you've never had the opportunity to see Carole Lombard in action, I recommend My Man Godfrey.  It's available on Netflix!

Carole Lombard 


  1. She was indeed a beautiful woman. I didn't know she died in a plane crash, and still so young. That's very sad.

  2. Great pictures and I second your recommendation for My Man Godfrey - love that movie!

  3. I love Carole Lombard. I think she gets dropped by the wayside because she died so young and people focused on other stars. She was sort of just hitting her swing. "My Man Godfrey" is a classic. But also "Mr and Mrs Smith". I'm a fan of Robert Montgomery. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan"! So much better than the Warren Beatty version (although that was pretty funny).

    How's that for a rambling comment?


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