Monday, May 19, 2008

And Introducing....

New ME piccie. See it? Over there on the left?

Taken last month at a conference. That's why someone else's forehead is sorta in the way....almost in danger of being stabbed by my pointy chin. AHHH!!! :P

Most of you already know I'm one and the same, but for those who didn't, I changed my profile name from jemima bean to angie.a. Now it matches my PR name (which just so happens to be my real one.)

Huh. I guess I can no longer use my split personality disorder as a crutch. Dang.

Although now things should get really ineresting as no one is going to recognize me out there when I comment on their blogs. Hmmm. I could probably have fun with this, eh?

When I started this blog, it was called Jemima Bean because that's the name of my teeny tiny children's clothing & toy biz on the side. I hoped to use this blog as a marketing tool.

Of course it ended up being my sewing cronies hangout instead.

So the point of this rather pointless post is that when you see me out there posting as angie.a, hopefully you'll recognize my face. Or my name. Or both.

lurv you all,


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I love the picture!

  2. A Happy Picture! (and it looks just like your icon... ;) ) Great shot!

  3. cool! I love everything you have made ... I don't know how you find the time.

  4. why thank you!

    Adrienne...I don't clean my house or fold my laundry, as my children will attest. :P

  5. Great picture! I was wondering who angie.a was leaving a comment on my blog :-)

  6. Cute picture! I like your glasses.

    I knew it was you, because a long time ago, I saw that someone had called you "Angie" in a comment here.

  7. hum...i'll try to keep it straight on the name change! cute pic!


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