Thursday, May 15, 2008

Groove Thang

Anna Tunic is a wadder. I added the FBA and fiddled with all the adjustments mentioned previously, but the honest truth is...this just isn't flattering on me. So I'm not spending any more time on it and I don't have a picture to show you. I'm sorry!!

But I do have a good "Plus Size" picture of me for those who are doubting my booty heft. :P

This is me one week ago doing the Travolta with a couple of my buddies at school. Note the one on the right is "Audrey", I am in the middle as "Hairspray", and my buddy on the left is "Flashdance". HeHe. It was Decades Day.

I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing it! I really do sew with Plus sizes (and buy them in bottoms too. Look at that booty!) I just look good in skirts (nice ankles) and I photograph pretty well straight on because of a relatively slimmer torso. Note that I've probably sucked it WAY in, in the pic above because you know, I'm in front of a bunch of teenagers.

Moving on to the next project...I'm setting a new goal that my fellow PR sewists have been doing since January: Sewing something (ANYTHING) from each issue of BWOF. I want to make so many things from my back issues it gets overwhelming when I try to start a project (all that tracing!) So I'm starting with the 5/08 issue.

I like top #103 for a quick/easy top for summer:
The only downside is that it only comes to size 42. I need to start with a 46 at least so I'm hoping I can grade it up pretty easy. It's a knit, so that will help!

I also like #120 top/121 dress:
I need tops, so I probably won't be making the dress, but isn't it a cute style?

I have been hoarding these fabrics (My name is Angie and I hoard all the best fabrics.)

I'm thinking the floral for 120 and the dot for 103. Now I'm off to trace!


  1. I LOVE that fabric!!! I want to make those same projects, if I EVER get my May BWOF! lol

  2. i'm partway through the lotus tunic (have the pattern adjusted), and am debating on whether i should even bother to do the muslin. i'm not sure it's going to look good on someone with actual boobs. ^_^

    that dress is darling. i let my WOF sub lapse, it's SO hard to keep up with it!


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