Monday, May 12, 2008

Wave to the Peasants Skirt

And yet another finished project. Is this some kind of record? I present to you Simplicity 4605 - the peasant skirt:

I love this one! Makes me feel all bohemian. Only fitting that you wear it barefoot, yes? With kitties winding around your (too pale) legs?

Skirt was super easy to construct, but I, in my supreme laziness, found a way to make it even easier. For one thing, I didn't use the pattern pieces but instead measured them and then tore strips. No cutting! Plus, ripping fabric strips is a stress reliever.

I figured since it is a gathered, tiered skirt and I was tearing strips, it didn't really matter too much to follow a specific size, so I just measured the entire pattern piece for my strips (this pattern is size 18-24). Here are the strip sizes:

Yoke: 7-3/4" x 26"
1st Tier: 12" x 36" (Cut 2)
2nd Tier: 6" x 32" (Cut 3)
3rd Tier: 6" x 38" (Cut 3)

Next cheat: I seamed everything flat, starting from the bottom. This is a basic rule for making your life a LOT easier when doing a tiered skirt. Gather your longest strip first and seam it to the bottom of the next tier. Repeat up the skirt. (I hemmed my bottom tier first, of course.)

I seamed this skirt flat instead of "in the round", which also makes it a lot easier to apply trims! I added some pretty scraps of cluny lace and another cotton lace I had in stash.

I carefully pinned the side seams so that everything matched and seamed the side (you only have one side seam with this method). Create the casing for waist elastic and voila. You're done!

I really need maybe I'll focus on one of those next. Although I do have more fabric that would perfect for another skirt...


  1. What a cute skirt!!!!

  2. Ack! That is great! I need some stress relief ... tear some fabric ... a trip to the beach. I'll take the beach - I've got the
    'glare' goin' on too.

  3. Oooo! Love the skirt! Sounds super easy to do, too. I know what you mean about ripping fabric! I did a little of that myself this weekend!

    Shannon F

  4. Anonymous6:03 PM

    So glad you have a skirt you are excited about! It is so pretty. I may just have to put this on my crafty to do list. I love your simplified instructions.

  5. I love the skirt and the trim!

  6. this is great!


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