Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!

And I think it's time for a new project, don't you? And because I'm on something of a skirt kick right now, I've decided to do this OOP Simplicity (4605 from the Khaliah Ali line.)

Here are my fabric choices, newly purchased & ready to go! This is the Flutterby line by Tula Pink for Moda. (I snapped this shot this morning, and the color seems a bit off to me. Tula Pink's site shows better color accuracy.)

Jen (Tula Pink) has a great blog on her site, so go visit! There are SO many cute variations in these prints, and one I really, really lusted after wasn't available in yardage at my shop. But I am still pretty happy with my haul for the skirt!

I'll be making View F, the shorter skirt. I also plan to change the width of the middle two tiers. When I was purchasing the fabrics, I had it in my head that there were only 3 tiers (thus, 3 fabrics.) I'm wondering if I should root around in the stash for another print that "goes" or just do my original head-skirt with 3 tiers?

I got two other really fabulous Amy Butler prints too...but those can wait for another post.

OH...and Friday was "Decades Day" at our school centennial celebration and I went dressed as (my mom in) 1962 complete with a headband tucked into my beehive flip. I gotta tell you, it was WAY too much fun. I looked pretty good as 1962. Wish I had a picture to show you, I'll see if anyone snapped one while I wasn't paying attention.

My group also won 2nd place in the Decades Danceoff, with our rendition of the Hustle complete with a 4 count Travolta. We were robbed of 1st by the football coach who moonwalked and then dropped to the gym floor and did the worm!! I almost wet myself laughing. I am consoled by the fact that he was probably aLOT more sore than ME yesterday morning. :P

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  1. Love the skirt and fabrics! Can't wait to see the finished project. I can totaly picture my old coach doing the worm ... too funny!


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