Thursday, May 15, 2008

BWOF #103

I think I'll consider this first one a muslin! Ha! Excuse the tiny bit of peekage (and my missing head. Haven't quite got the hang of my camera timer.)

I graded the pattern up to about a 48 and added an FBA. I think this was a tiny bit too much. Should have gone with a 46 with a bigger FBA. For one thing, by adding the extra size to the shoulder height, now it's way too low cut (this pic is after I raised the V about an inch!) You can't tell, but it is also a little "flappy" around my upper chest. I could pull that in with clear elastic possibly?

There's also this weird curving hem in the center front. Is that on purpose? Is it exaggerated because of my grading? I checked & double-checked it, and frankly in the line drawing in the mag it also shows this weird curved front hem. I'd prefer a straight hem I think. I added at least 1 inch to the front at CF and decreased a bit of the curve (about 1/2") at the sides and still fell it's too short for comfort at CF.

The construction (no surprise) is a bit convoluted. This top is also "half-lined". There's a cutting line for the front & back bodices about halfway down and you basically line the top with this half-top facing. Weird, huh? I didn't cut that part because I thought I would just turn under & twin-needle stitch the hems.

The good news...I like the style alot! I think it's pretty flattering, even half finished (no neckline, armhole or hems sewn yet!) The gathered band in front is different. I also think the gathers and horizontal dart in front are really cute. It looked good before I put the band on.

I have plenty of this print to remake this top (btw, this cute dotty print was from Gorgeous Fabrics). I think I will start all over again after adjusting the pattern. The Plan: raise the V, take off a bit of shoulder height, straighten the front hem, maybe a tad more FBA, and try again!

Has anyone else made this yet?


  1. It's looking good. Definite promise. I like that wrap bit in the front, it's very flattering.

  2. I'll take that top! What a cute style. And the cleavage too, yeah, I want that as well. This past weekend my daughter took out the crescent shape foam-ey pads out of the top drawer of my sewing cart, put them up to her face and asked, "What are these?" I laughed and said they were push-up pads for my bra, specially purchased to work with my WonderBra for extra perky boobs.

    Sure wish I could get natural cleavage like yours!

  3. LOL Kat!!! Well I sure don't need any foamy padding! :P They are a pain to fit sometimes though!!

  4. Cute front detail. I saw a review of this top on PR and they had the curvy front hem too.

  5. I haven't made this one yet but I want to!! I love that fabric!

  6. I think those curvy hemlines are pretty common on wrap shirts. I can never manage to wear them well (or figure out why they'd force me to expose the part of my body I'm trying to cover up).


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