Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Is that a word?

I got an email from Old Navy a couple of days ago, that they had several new spring styles in their plus line. While I have trouble wearing a plus size in a top as rule, my booty definitely classifies. Just look at what I found when I clicked the handy link provided!

Now, all you other bootylicious girls out there know how difficult it is to find cute, trendy clothes, am I right? Not to mention, it's even more rare to see said cute, trendy, larger size clothes on an actual bootylicious model. It gets more and more difficult to judge what's going to look good and what won't, because I seriously have no perspective left.

I guess that's what a media saturation of superthin women has done to me.

That might have made Old Navy's incredibley cute spring line so appealing! Many styles feature a real, live woman with real, live curves wearing them! She's even built rather like moi, which helps me tremendously in visualizing what might be a look I want to try. Like this cute shirt-waisty dress:

Or this cute sundress:

This green knit sundress is awfully cute too.

And I love this print sundress too (I think it's the same as the pink above, but looks completely different in a print!)

I haven't really been into the "maxi dress" thing because I figured I wasn't thin enough to pull it off. But this is seriously cute. The website even has a few with a scarf/wrap and accessories that makes it even more appealing.

And this outfit is super chic. I have to admit I bought this one. Me. In white pants! (Note to self: buy Tide to Go pen.)

Another darling sundress:

And swimwear! On a body with hips!! Whoa!

I'm quite happy with Old Navy's collection. There are a ton of other cute styles I'm not showing here.

Even more fun than buying the clothes (for me anyway) is looking at the design features of the garments I really like, so I can compare to patterns I have/want. There are several styles here in this post that I wouldn't necessarily have thought would be flattering to me currently. And even though I'm not a 6 ft tall model, I'm willing to give some of these a try.

All you bootyfull girls should join me. ;)


  1. Wonderful It;'s about time they realize we're not all size 2s!

  2. Those *are* darn cute. I'm in love with the green knit dress. I love it. The color and everything.

  3. Ooh, another site to go snoop-shopping ;)
    Nice to see 'plus' clothes on a model who at least looks like she eats!

  4. These are real people...ahahaha lol. You don't have to be thin to look good, beauty is from inside and it radiates outside you. Whatever makes me feel good and lovely is what I wear, I excercise and eat healthy, but I am just not thin.... and I love who I am. Those are darm cute models and the dresses are so beautiful.Thanks for sharing this...
    Have fun

  5. I agree, a great collection of clothes and yay for the model. Having a model that is curvy, with a bust and hips helps me too and I don't consider myself a plus size. Now we just have to convince the agencies to hire short models. :)

    I adore that green dress!!!

  6. That's great that they display the clothes with models with real figures. Now only if pattern companies would do that...with garments the models actually made themselves!

  7. I love how they look!! i'm really short! {5'1} and, ya, pretty chunky!! **big grinn** so when i look at patterns, i always would LOVE to see it on a chunky chick!! **big smile** LOL never been a size 5, well, maybe 5t, **grinn** i don't think i'd wanta be either!! i love the goods!! {food} LOL ~Medo


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