Friday, February 20, 2009


I am sadly addicted to the internet. I've been out of DSL service since Tuesday! God Bless my DSL repair dude!!

Tuesday was a wonderful mail day at my house!! I got the BEST package from Gaylen. She had graciously offered to send an Amy Butler Sun Surf Halter pattern my way when she was finished with it. Of course who am I to refuse free patterns??

When I opened the mailbox the package rattled a bit, so I knew I had a surprise inside! Woot! Look at the goodies Gaylen stuck in with my new pattern:

My package included little cuts of quilting cottons, some conversation hearts for my sweet tooth, some glittery heart confetti (fun!) and this adorable stitched card that Gaylen made! Not to menion, the Sun Surf halter pattern! Here are the prints:

And here's the pattern. I can't wait to trace this off for Lu & me! Thank you Gaylen!!

I also participated in the My Vintage Heart SWAP this year and received my swap package Monday! It was FULL of yummy red, pink and heart-y goodness! Here's a peek of what was included by my wonderful SWAP partner, Leslie at Junkgirl Studio:

There's so much in my package! And it was all obviously chosen special for me, because it's PERFECT! There were little sewing & seamstress touches here and there including an adorable vintage skirt pattern:

There was also this handmade heart journal, papered in gorgeous scrap papers, vintage wallpaper and pattern sheets: would be hard to choose a favorite, but I especially am in love with this heart-shaped vintage candy box (decorated by leslie) and filled with buttons, ribbons and other notions:

Thank you SO much Leslie! You were the best SWAP partner ever! For more pictures, I made a Flickr Album here.

It's Friday peeps!


  1. What a thoughtful and lovely package.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Wish I got pretty mail!

  3. What a great mail day! I love all those heart things. I told my hubby a week ago my favorite shape is heart - I figured it's possible he might need to know that someday! lol

  4. You received such lovely things! Your post has reminded me why I should NEVER be included in some type of SWAP. All the things I see are so creative. I would never be able to create a package like that!

    BTW, yes! That print is my lining fabric :) . Now I just have to find time to get the jacket done before it gets above 65 degrees.

  5. have you used your vintage skirt pattern yet? you hit the big one with all these goodies!!


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