Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Girl

Lu & I had a girl's day out today. Here we are exhausted and recuperating in our jammies, bad lighting and all.

We went to Victoria's Secret (she wouldn't let me shop for cute undies for her. "Moo-oom!") No, we were after my favorite scent...Pink.

**Note that a sales lady at a different VS told me a few months ago I was too old to wear it. WTH? I didn't realize fragrances had an age limit. Now, had I been shopping for Bonne Bell lipsmackers in Root Beer, I might have understood. But hell's bells. If it smells good on me (it absolutely does) and it doesn't give me a headache, then who is some middle-aged saleslady to tell
me what scent to wear?? **

(Oh, and I bought the big bottle.)

Then we were off to Claire's (a preteen's dream shop! )for earrings.(mine were only slightly more subtle than these.) Lu got tinkly gold bangles.

Next, Barnes & Noble (can't wait to thumb through this!)
We lunched on tacos. Of course.

Then it was Best Buy for Lu


and the G-man.

Last, Cato for some ballerina flats in black.
Not a bad day at all.


  1. You two are absolutely beautiful!

    And WTF is wrong with that sales person? You would think, if nothing else, she would be all about the sale. Maybe she was trying to get you to try a more "mature" frangrance because it was pric-ier (pricey-er?)?

    And it looks like you guys had a fantastic day. I am looking forward to when I can hang out with my kids. Now I just feed them and then clean the stuff that comes out the other end.

  2. What a great day you had! Today my daughter reminded me that I should love her more than her little brother because she came first! Out of the mouth of babes! Cheers to your girly-girl day!!!

  3. I CAN"T believe the sales lady told you that!!! Good grief. Awww, girl's day out. That must be fun. Not that I'd know anything about it... :)

  4. Sounds like a great day. Can't wait to hear about the book.

  5. What at fun day! Doris Day and Rock Hudson are my absolute favs!!

  6. Geez, you'd have thought the saleswoman would be happy for a sale! I agree with Dawn - she was probably trying to get you to hand over more cash. Sounds like you and DD had a lovely day out.

  7. You guys look so cute! Too old for the perfume...*@)#*&R)@**U&@???? You know, I don't like Victoria's Secret anymore. Just really unimpressed with their inventory and in my case, the sales clerks were immensely unhelpful. I walked out with nothing in hand. Guess they don't want to sell perfume either. Maybe headquarters should label it, "Not to be used by anyone over 21." :)

    And as for Claire's? Where does one think this 42-year old woman buys most of her earrings? Guess I didn't read the clientele age limit LOL.

  8. What a fun day! I love Mommy & Me days (my baby is going to be 27 next month)...Sara and I still love them!


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