Tuesday, February 24, 2009


to be tied, that is. I've been working on Simplicity 3745 a little here and there. This is how far I've gotten:

You'll have to ignore my not-quite-finished Duct Tape Double. I only did the front & around my hip area, and a bit of shoulder. I did it alone one weekend, because I don't have a "tape-r". It has been a real lifesaver in fitting bodices! My back isn't terribly hard to fit, so one day I realized...I don't have to do the entire torso! I can get a lot of use out of an accurate front half!! I ran out of duct tape before I got the neck & the shoulders finished.

So back to the dress... the skirt is also stitched together & pleated & ready to attach to the bodice/band section. I'm sort of stalled because the V front gave me fits (horrid, horrid directions and a terribly messy method of doing the neck band.) You can see at the left top in the picture below that the V is just a little "wonky".

I used the presserfoot with the little blad to do my topstitching. It was perfect every where except right there at the bottom left of the CF!!! @!#$%! Right this second, I'm not interested in picking it out and redoing the topstitching. I can technically attach the skirt & redo that part later, so that's the current plan. If I can find the will to, that is.

I had another good mail day!! I got my Nancy Zieman book & DVD, so I can't wait to get started on that (Fitting with Confidence).

Speaking of fit...Now don't laugh, but I also got these Dance Off dvd's. I'm trying to incorporate some more exercise into my week, and I bore easily. Lu has already done the hiphop one, she was so excited, she grabbed that sucker and was off. I was cleaning the kitchen so only got to watch bits and pieces but it looks like fun!!

I also ordered one of these:
And this Pilates video:
I'm hoping with 10 minute segments, even I can find time to fit this in! I haven't gotten to play much on the ball tonight either, the kids have both commandeered it. I think it's safe to say it won't hurt them!


  1. The dress looks great so far. Good luck with the topstitching (at a later date!). The exercise ball, I have had one for 2-3 years and it is still hard to get it away from my twins.

  2. Good idea for the half a dummy. I'm trying to convince hubby that he can tape me up so I can have a stunt double. I may have to do a half-me too at this rate.
    You have my frog-stitching sympathy on the topstitching.

  3. Those v-necks can be a real pain.

    I love fitness videos, too. And yoga balls are amazingly versatile. You can look up a ton of exercises online for them. They're great for abs (like crunches), because it takes a lot of pressure off your lower back.

  4. I've always wanted one of those hip-hop dance/fitness videos. Looks like a fun method of exercise. You will like the ball. There are tons of different exercises for it. I used to subscribe to Shape magazine (don't anymore...not enough time to read it), and there were lots of exercises for the ball.


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