Sunday, February 08, 2009


I normally save my posts for the finished product. But there's something to be said for putting it out there in the middle of the process...keeps me on track for one thing. And I've taken a page from Carolyn's playbook. Carolyn, who sews so many beautiful things and also works full time like me, gets her projects together BEFORE she starts to sew them up. Including buttons, interfacings, thread, etc. Thus leaving sewing time for just sewing (no running around). On that note, I tried to plan better when I bought these fabrics (or when I got them together from stash at home.)

Here are my current WIPs...

1. BWOF 2-09-118. Progress: Traced & fabric chosen (I think!) Ready to pin & cut out! I plan to use plain black cotton interlock, picked up for a different project a while back. It's a bit weighty which I think will work well. I also have some of this lavender left from Lu's tunic dress (which needs to be, um, finished too):

I bought that lavender knit from Fashion Fabrics Club about 10 years ago!! Wow.

2. BWOF 2-09-125

Pattern not traced yet, that's planned for later today. I actually have fabric chosen for this cute raglan sleeve top though. I purchased a baby blue stretch woven off the clearance table yesterday. I only spent $3 on it but it's such a pretty color & seems to be a really nice fabric. This is an extreme closeup!

I couldn't find a suitable match for the thread at the store. You would think it would be an easy match! But baby blues make it appear more "aqua" and aqua makes it appear more blue. I just went with the closest match I had at home. I also picked out buttons, some mother of pearl shell buttons. They'll have to be washed on the delicate cycle, but that's OK.

3. BWOF 2-09-121

I can't stand it, I have to have this little dress! Pattern not traced. BUT I happen to have purchased this fun print rayon challis last year or the year's been needing a good project ever since. This looks like an easy pattern, so after I grade it up a bit it should go pretty fast. Fabric already prewashed! And I have the elastic. This one's a go. Woot!

4. Simplicity 2732

Such a cute top! Shannon had great success with the McCall's version of this top, and I saw one in the Butterick catalogue too I think. I've already got this one tissue fit, so all I need to do is pin, cut, make, wear. In theory.

I'm using this magenta stretch sateen. It's a very lightweight twill weave, and I just hope it's lightweight enough for this blouse. It's too light for pants --with my excess bum baggage-- so I probably won't be using it for bottoms (probably be OK for a skirt though).

Here are the thread & buttons, both grabbed at Wally World yesterday afternoon when I stopped for root beer. I generally avoid the "old" coats & clark thread, but I don't want to wait until I can get to a Hancocks or Hobby Lobby (who carries the new fancy coats & clark, which I LOVE!) I also chose sparkly jewel-ish buttons because, well, they were pretty.

One of the first places I stopped yesterday was the flea market, where I picked up the most awesome vintage glass beaded trim EVER!! There are 5 section pieces. The tag shows it's 1/2 yard, at $18.99/yd. I would imagine that would be greatly inflated today!

I now am the proud owner of 5 sections, 4 in perfect condition and 1 that is missing a bit of the bugle beads in the center. It would be an easy fix though. This stuff is heavy from all the cut glass beads. A closer picture of one entire section:

And here's the tag. Does anyone recognize the label?

It was shoved at the bottom of a tin filled with old thread spools. I squealed like a little girl when I found it! I might have even jumped up and down a little bit. :D

Ok, off to do some W in these WIPs!


  1. Looks like the Feb. BWOF will keep you busy this month! I thought January couldn't be topped... until Feb. came! Great strategy to have everything on hand when starting a project, too often I find myself in the middle or at the end and stuck (not by choice!).

  2. That Simplicity is on my "now" list! I can't wait to sew it!

    I also always have everything gathered and ready to go before I start a project.. makes for quicker sewing!

  3. Am looking forward to seeing progress. My sewing love has died :( g

  4. Wow, you're a wild woman! I can only do one at a time. I finish it and then I move on. I "plan" lots of other things while I'm finishing up the thing I'm working on.

    Again, love the embroidery. Dammit.

  5. Gorgeous glass beading! I don't recognize the vendor, but it's lovely!

  6. I just can't wait to see all your finished projects. I am interested to hear your experience sewing the sleeves on that first top. I have already read the instructions, and WHEW!!!, in typical BWOF fashion, they left me scratching my head. I am going to have to have the little dress too.

  7. Wow, love the antique trim. You have your work cut out (ha) for you!

  8. That blue is so pretty. I love the buttons for the pink fabric. All the patterns are great too. I usually have at least 5 outfits going at a time, with 5 little ones to sew for. Easter is fast approaching? Fabric chosen, styles, well, sort of maybe chosen, cutting out and getting started - no, not yet.

  9. One and 2 are on my list. I'm crazy about that antique trim. In fact, trim is one of my favorite things to collect.

  10. I love those notions!


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