Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vday 2

This V-Day movie fest just keeps going and going. Today's take included an old fave:

and some more Mr. Angie.A:

(I most especially like this one cause he reads & writes. That's so cute.)

Even my sap-o-meter has a limit, so I ended the day with Mel & Joaquin,

and just one more with Mr. Yummy, this one chock full of alpha male, explosions, guns & biceps.

(Note there's none of that extemporaneous reading in this one. Silly boy.)

On the sewing front...I sorted my patterns. Oh, and I went through 2 years of BWOF making sure there wasn't a "better" next project than the project I figured I'd do next. (You still with me?)

Truthfully...nothing is interesting me right now. None of my stash, none of my patterns, none of my magazines. Why does lack of mojo always seem to go hand in hand with a long weekend or vacation? Please someone explain this to me. Because its uber frustrating.

Shannon's making this skirt (BWOF 1/09 #132) and I'd really like one too. Wonder if she'd just go ahead and make it for me? Too bad her bum is more than a smidge smaller than mine.Drat her.

I would have never noticed this skirt if she hadn't pointed it out. The lines are adorable though, and it will definitely go into the "when I have more mojo" pile of to-do's.

For now, my future husband's biceps are calling, so I gotta run.


  1. Oh Ang - it's too bad your box hasn't shown up yet! I lengthened that tunic into a dress. Posted photos tonight.

    I like that cute tee posted with that skirt. g

  2. Keanu is truly the perfect man - totally hot and easily confused. I love 'em cute and dumb!

  3. Yup, you've got the "best of Keanu" collection, for sure! While I love Mel Gibson, the aliens creep me out, so I would've switched it to an early Bruce Willis, like Die Hard or a Sandler/Barrymore fun flick like 101 Dates or the Wedding Singer for laughs. As for the sewing, sometimes getting your feet wet will re-ignite the flame. Keep your chin up, and think "fun"!

  4. hey, i thought keanu was my future husband! (oh, wait, i'm married already. ^_^) the first movie i ever saw him in was dangerous liasons. i think johnny mnemonic is one of my faves, though. but then there is point break, with the surfing look. oh, and speed, of course. (constantine too!)


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