Tuesday, February 09, 2010


So Stick Girl & I went to see Leap Year Sunday afternoon.

Very fluffy, cute, and mostly smooshy movie. (You know that's my favorite kind.) It never pretends to be anything else. And I for one appreciate that.

Best part? (Oh ok, besides the yummy Irishman complete with swoony accent) Amy Adams' character's wardrobe! This was my favorite outfit:

Note the adorable red & cream print blouse with AQUA piping!! And I was completely distracted by the gorgeous aqua (possibly glass) ball buttons:

That pencil skirt was awesome too. Of course what I zeroed in on (courtesy of my newfound love of underthings) was the amazing yellow lace-trimmed slip peeking out from under her hem!

Here's another top I'd love to duplicate. It was probably a silk, it had a lovely drape and sheen. It also featured bits of smocking here and there (under the yokes in front and back, and on the shoulders) and a yoke made entirely of bias tubes & faggoting. Gorgeous.

And... I actually know how to do this. It made me anxious to try a version of my own! If I do, I'll be sure to blog the process. There aren't too many garments out there that feature that type of handwork. It's really lovely!

There was also a very sweet linen wrap dress in the final scenes that was worthy of a mention, but I can't find a picture online.

Of course, the real star of this movie is Ireland herself. Beyond lovely.


  1. Girl, everyone MUST GO TO IRELAND. Seriously. Must. Go.

    Yeah, dress, skirt, blouse, yadda yadda yadda.

    Go to Ireland.

    Oooo, word verification is: skingoo.

    Ew. Do we need to put someone in quarantine for that?

    (PS, actually did love those clothes, can't wait to see gooey movie).

  2. Oh, I am anxious to see what you do when you recreate the smocked blouse. Did you see the movie "Amelia"? Hillary Swank wore a beautiful satin pajama to dance with Richard Gere. You would love it.

  3. oh i'm so glad you gave a review. i have been wanting to see that movie but wasn't sure if it was worth it. i love those kind of movies too.

  4. Ooo I'm all over that aqua piping! Sew Sweet!
    Thanks for sharing, Lynea


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