Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mail day!

Man, I love a good mail day. And today was awesome. Of course it helps that it all came in the same order from Amazon, and I was the purchaser so I had a bit of an inkling that at least "one" day this week (or next) was gonna be a good mail day.

But that's nitpicking. Especially since I didn't expect this package until Friday at the earliest and next week at the latest! I got the new Built by Wendy book:

It's all about dresses, and since I had a lot of success with the Built By Wendy Simplicity patterns last summer, I was excited to try out the designs.

The patterns are included for 3 different dresses, but variations total 25 projects? If I'm reading the cover right! There's a sheath dress, a shift dress, and a dirndl dress (my favorite!) I'm happy to see the sizing is larger for this book than the last (I think. I'd have to check, but I believe the last books only went up to a 12? This book's "XL" appears to be more of a 16 with bust 40-41, waist 33-34, and hip 43-44) .

Next I got this one, which looks promising if a bit simple:

Then this one, which I was most anticipating, "Twinkle Sews". I was sort of familar with the author's knitting books. I had heard of her at least even though I don't (currently) knit. She has a quirky style I really enjoy so I was happy to see a sewing book from her. This book has "25" handmade fashions, but again, there are lots of variations on a few styles of tops such as raglan sleeves, spaghetti strap, drop shoulder, etc.

My biggest complaint is that my very favorite pieces in the book aren't included as patterns. I was annoyed to discover the very first garment photo of a blue skirt (pattern included) and black chiffon top that is to die for adorable...isn't included. There isn't even anything remotely resembling that top pattern in the book, yet an entire color page of the book is devoted to the TOP in the skirt instructions. Grrr. **UPDATE! The awesome PeacockChic pointed out the first top is available as a free download on Burdastyle HERE. Thanks girl!

I was then doubly aggravated a few pages later (still in the skirt section) to discover that yet another adorable top was NOT an included pattern. Grrr again. (NOTE to publisher/author...please only photograph garments included in the book! In every skirt photo, you actually HAVE a top photo you could have used from the included projects! That way there's no confusion and disappointment from your readers. End note.)

That said, there are cute, innovative things in here, things that I love! Things that you're definitely not seeing in the mainstream pattern books. Things at least as trendy and cool as Burda Style magazine (even quirkier in some cases.) I'm excited to try a few of these patterns!

Next is this Adele P. Margolis book that I've been wanting. It's used of course and a bit musty, but I can't wait to read it!

And since I've been looking for a Battlestar Galactica fix ever since my beloved went off the air, I ordered the Season 1 (and only) of Defying Gravity. Never heard of it? I'm not surprised. I accidentally ran across it on ABC last summer. They bought the series then proceeded to 1) not promote it at all and 2) not air it. They aired the first few episodes and then nada. Nothing. Now I have all 13 produced episodes and am excited to at least see how this thing ended up (even though I'm sure it's not a "final" ending. It will always be up in the air.) Ahhh, if only BSG had ended more "up in the air", I might not still be in mourning.

Anywho, if you run across Defying Gravity and enjoyed BSG, I'd encourage you to give it a shot. I enjoyed the episodes I saw last summer. (But then, I'll watch anything with astronauts and space. I'm just sayin.)

And now I'm off to eat "church potatoes". I was craving them something awful all the way home today so I just made a small batch. Yes, that's supper. Sue me.


  1. They all look like fantastic books. Must add to my wish list :)

  2. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Although it is no excuse for it not being in the book, I think the first two patterns you are mourning are on the Burdasytle website for free.



    Thanks for the tip on Defying Gravity too. I will have to look that up as I loved BSG too although not the ending which I thought was a little over the top and weird.

  3. They look like great books! I can't wait to see your creations! Hey, btw, what are church potatoes.....sounds like something I want to eat! :) I have potatoes cut into french fries tossed with olive oil and sea salt in the oven cooking right now!

  4. OK, I give. What are church potatoes?

    I have never ever heard of that show, which is quite shocking to me. Now I am on a mission.

    My word verification is... ta da!
    "align". Seriously. "Align". What is up with that?

  5. You are going to love the Adele Margolis book! Glad you were able to get a copy for your sewing library!

  6. I sooooo want that Built By Wendy book.

  7. What fun! Like a belated Christmas! A movie, new books and church potatoes--what could be better? (Are church potatoes the boxed Au-Gratin)?

  8. I just put a hold on the BBW dress, I can't wait to pick it up!

  9. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Lucky you! I've been eye-ing that Twinkle Sews book for a while now. I may just get it!

    Also, vintage sewing books are the best! No shortcuts, nice illustrations (most of the time) and old-book smell! What's not to love?

    Congratulations on your new sewing library additions!



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