Monday, February 15, 2010

a day off!

I'm off today! I spent the weekend tracing several things from the new Burda Plus and from the regular Burda mag. Then I lounged around in indecision of which to make first for a few hours this morning. Grr.

Finally I decided to try this one:in a poly blend black with white pinstripe. It's sort of spongy and has a bit of stretch, so I am doing a "faux" fly rather than actually inserting a zip. Heck, with the elastic back & sides, I don't think even with regular trouser fabric I'd need a zip.

I'm a bit aggravated though. I have them stitched together and they're too baggy through the legs (they don't look as wide in the line drawing as they are on me!) so I need to trim down a bit there. I also have my usual wrinkles under the bum in back. I don't know exactly what causes this and even following Belinda's recent Jalie fitting sessions hasn't helped me figure it out.

I'm about to the point where I can just live with those wrinkles. Hey, I can't see them. Right? Plus, I'm pretty sure all my RTW pants have them anyway. I'm also pretty annoyed that I wasted half the morning trying to sew PANTS. What was I THINKING????

So I'm moving on. Probably to this top from the same Burda Plus issue:I love all the ruffles, but I don't care for the length. However, when I was tracing it, it didn't seem that long (even for this view, there's a shorter view). I have an aqua Imperial batiste that I mail-ordered and didn't turn out to be exactly the color I wanted. So I figure I can try it in this blouse and if it works, great.

Then I remembered I had earmarked a length of dark aqua crinkle cotton for this:

Apparently I'm on an aqua kick this month. Now I have to decide whether to keep my aqua plans or dig around for another fabric for one of these.

Or, you know, move on to another project entirely. Like a frothy dirndl skirt made out of this fabulous palm tree voile with a pink Imperial batiste underskirt:

Yeah, that imaginary skirt is sort of calling my name. Can you hear it?


  1. OK-
    A) turquoise is the official Pantone color for 2010. so you are so the trendy girl.

    B) pants fitting. see me re: this, as I took a FABULOUS pants fitting seminar from Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns and it was fabulously informative. I have notes. I can share my knowlege. If you're very very nice to me.

    C) girl, wasting time on pants. just... I can't even... what were you... argh. I would totally do that too.

    D) yes, I am supposed to be working. Just hush.

  2. I love the spring/summer Burda Plus! I hope to make a few pieces, including the ones you selected.

  3. I'm curious how the ruffle top turns out. It is a petite. Do you normally wear petites? If not, how does this one fit you? I like the pattern, but I'm not sure how much I would have to add.

  4. Love that fabric!

  5. I love the fabric for your shirt-to be! Can't wait to see it! btw, I feel the same about sewing pants!

  6. Any one of those would be really cute!
    I spent half of Monday meandering around the fabric store looking for the red and white fabric to use with aqua piping and buttons. thanks to you. lol

    Have a good evening, Lynea

  7. I'm interested in the pattern for the second blouse in this post. The "butterfly" blouse. Is there a pattern for this??


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