Saturday, February 06, 2010

vintage slip.

I made the most incredible purchase on ebay last week! A gorgeous, peachy coral slip, circa 1950.

The top section is nylon tricot. There are 2 layers of nylon netting tiers (a crinoline fabric, dyed to match?) edged with matching wide lace. Sooo sweet.

You can't see, but on the bottom layer, there are little peach satin ribbons tied into bows at intervals along the bottom ruffle. They would only be seen if your skirt flipped up and the ruffles were swinging about. That is awesome. Because of course if you were wearing this beauty you would want to flit around and let your ruffles peek out? Right?

I couldn't wait to try it on and snap a few pictures! I'm wearing a nude plain slip under it. It is too sheer to wear alone.

Doesn't it make an adorable skirt all by itself?? It's not "too" poufy either, which I think makes it more wearable. And I have plenty of spring & summer skirts (either already finished or planned) that would look adorable over it. Like my vintage-y linen dirndl skirt:

I love the bit of petticoat peeking out. And when I sashay about, as I'm prone to do most days, it does this:

I'm totally stalking ebay & etsy for more colors. And I might just have to make some up myself out of nylon tricot & chiffon. I scored 3 bags of colorful laces last week on ebay too, so I'm practically all set.

I have no idea where this week went. I didn't get any sewing done on my vintage top at all. But I'm off to work on it now, while I pop in Disc 2 of Mad Men, Season 1. I really heart Netflix.


  1. vintagekitchenkitsch5:01 PM

    Oh. my. gosh. It's fantastic!! I am so jealous. I have a vintage petticoat that was my grandmas that I played dress up in as a child. I wore it recently under a long flared jean skirt (as it's quite long) and felt so purty. I hang it here in my office/sewing room because I just love to look at it. : )

  2. Wow it's gorgeous! Great find!

  3. I'm so glad that I have completely managed self-control re: looking at stuff on eBay. Clearly it is a dangerous, dangerous place.

    Let's see... what could I do online for the next fifteen minutes while I'm waiting for dinner to finish...? Hmmm....

  4. That slip is totally the bomb! What a great find!

  5. Ooooo! Pretty! I LOVE it peeking out from under the print skirt!

  6. how fun! i can just see you sashaying about. looks like i need to check out ebay =)

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  8. That is so friggin' cute! I'm totally envious over here!

    Sorry about my deleted post. I made a typo and those drive me nuts!

  9. Totally cute skirt. You could almost wear it as an outer wear garment,with a matching cami.

  10. I think it would be totally appropriate as a real skirt! Why not? It's beautiful!

  11. Anonymous8:07 PM

    You're so lucky! I can never find pretty vintage things, under or otherwise, in my size.



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