Thursday, February 25, 2010

vogue sale!

I succumbed to the latest Vogue email. It's not the best pattern sale they've ever had (I barely missed the $3.99 sale the last time they had it online!) But I never seem to make it into my Hancocks when they have Vogues on sale (it's also an hour away so I need a good reason to go that far, not just a Hancocks run!)

Here's my haul. I'm very enamored of these Rachel Comey dresses...


Likewise, this Rebecca Taylor suit, V1169:

And this Rebecca Taylor dress is shown in such a busy print, that you miss the cute design lines until you look at the line drawing. V1152:

line drawing:

I have a love affair with most of Anna Sui's patterns and I buy alot of them just to have. I've yet to actually make one! This one is in Lu's size because it's just a bit too young for me. Sigh. It will be so adorable on her though that I might actually cut into my first Anna Sui! V1153:

This is so pretty too, and I do find myself in need of a more formal type of dress now and again (weddings, prom, etc. Ok, so I don't find myself in need of a more formal type of dress more than twice a year but still. This could work if the occasion suddenly presents itself.) V1154:

And since I had such great success drafting my own pants the past few days, why not BUY a pattern and start all over with fitting?? I know. I'm just nutty like that. This is the Sandra Betzina Today's Fit jean, V1034:

I ordered this morning and had a shipment notification by 5 pm. Now that's service.

This afternoon found me at home with a sick kiddo, so I took the opportunity to cut out this New Look pattern that the adorable Shannon sent me:

out of a gorgeous red sweater knit that the likewise adorable Julia sent me. I cut out the long sleeve wrap sweater, before I realized I was clearly delusional thinking I had enough of the red sweater knit to make that view. When I came to my senses, I pulled out a minty green shimmery sweater knit and tried again.

Unfortunately, I have now partially cut into the red sweater knit! Ack!! I might be able to salvage it for another, simple, short-sleeve garment... I'm not sure. I've got it tucked aside for now until inspiration strikes.

Although...if inspiration doesn't stop striking in my house I'm just going to be chasing my inspirational tail and never ending up with complete garments!


  1. Check out Sew Very Prairie's blog, she did that floral Rebecca Taylor as a top and has some good pointers about it. It came out awesome as a top, too.

  2. Great minds... I bought the first 4, too! Won't we be the best dressed teachers ever? Hope you catch your tail and make something cute! Give the kiddo some soup and some love, too!

  3. I love the Rebecca Taylor dress too. And yesterday whilst surfing Boden online I found the exact dress in other busy prints 'Tea Dress' it is so pretty and a good thing is we can sew it up for a lot less than $128.00

  4. lol I also bought all these patterns (and then some :0) except for the 1154, which now I wish I had. Oh well next time.

  5. Here's her link, if you are interested.


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