Monday, April 05, 2010

Colette Patterns Beignet Skirt

This project began as a "real" garment (because I've already made one Beignet that fit, right out of the envelope!) but ended up a "wearable muslin" that I'm not sure I'll actually wear! **UPDATE: I wore it today because with the top untucked you can't see the foldy darts. And I decided I was overthinking something that looked perfectly fine. Better than some of my RTW, that's for sure!

I'm having some issues with fit on this one. Poo.

Here's a really bad photo to get you going:

Gah. I really need to work on that slouchy posture thing.

Anyway...a little about the pattern...This is one of the first Colette patterns issued, so there are a couple of typos, but nothing major. I'm sure subsequent printings fixed that (and they don't affect instructions, just supplies needed on the pattern back.) The supplies include a 16" invisible zipper. Uh, obviously this skirt has a zipper, but the actual Beignet pattern buttons up the front (no zip at all). In other words, if you have the original pattern and want to make the Beignet as-is, you don't need a zip.

The sizing on Colette patterns more closely resembles RTW, and I fall between the 16/18 on bottom. Just like in real life. (Yay. Not.) I cut right between the lines on my original Beignet and it fit perfect, right out of the box. (Yay for reals!)

For this version I used a stretch cotton in pale lime. I really wanted more of a "pencil skirt" feel, and the Beignet is just ever so slightly a-line. I also wanted a zip closer and no buttons. So I adjusted the pattern a bit. I used the CB for the front and the CF (with button/buttonhole overlap removed, plus s/a) for the back. Then I used the front side pieces, which do not a-line, for all the sides. The upper portion is the same as the back, but the back sides begin to a-line at the hem.

Fit was great, if a little finicky because of using the invisible zip in back on a skirt that was intended to have a button placket. My stretch cotton was a fiddly too and hard to judge fit on in-progress. After wearing only a few minutes to set up the camera, it started to sag and bag in front under my round tummy.

I also have darts trying to form on the side panels. Thanks to Shannon I realized my mistake that caused these. I have a tilted waist in front and I always lower the front waist on pants/skirt by about 1". After trying this on without the facings, I made this adjustment, trimming away 1" at CF and tapering to nothing at the side seams. The front hem was dipping down about 1". I should also mention I didn't have those folds whatsoever before removing the inch.

Well...the hem is even now, but I have the darty-fold thingies. I don't care toooo much on this skirt, because I can just wear tops untucked and it should cover the folds. Except that the entire point of this skirt was to wear my red top tucked in!! With a cute little belt maybe (Haven't added belt loops though, I was thinking of making threadloops instead. Now I'll probably just leave that off.)

I will say I don't know how wearable this skirt would be over a long day! This cotton (a cotton/lycra with a pretty jacquard weave) stretched out aLOT just in the 15 minutes I was maneuvering to snap some pics. Note how the front just gets baggier and baggier! Good news, I guess, is that I didn't need a hem vent.

After taking these pictures I did take up the CF/side seams just a bit, about 1/4 on either side. That helped with the bagging a little.

Oh! This skirt is also unlined. I had to draft a facing for the "center back" (which was the "front", haha. Are you confused yet?) . I'll try to get photos of all that later today if you promise not to make fun of my white serger thread. I'm so lazy about changing those threads! (not that I had lime anyway. So there.)

With all the fiddling, I'm sort of excited to attempt this skirt in a linen or something. Off to work! It's Monday. Sigh.


  1. Hope your second version works better. It looks cute.

  2. Hi, this is Sarai from Colette Patterns! That's weird about the supplies typo... we noticed that right away and have been applying a sticker over that portion of the pattern to correct it. Yours must have slipped through, so sorry about that!

  3. Rats, I can't find your email to answer the book question... Thought it was Jamimabean something or other. Anyway, I really enjoyed Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck. It's a Christian love story. The sequel is Love Starts With Elle, and I'm on that now but not very far into it. I also liked A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner, which is book four in a saga that started with The Thief. They are adolescent literature and all are very good reads. This fourth one just got released at the end of March and I had pre-ordered it because I was so excited to read it. The other book was another Christian romance but I won't recommend it because it was so slow moving and dull. I finally just read the end to find out what happened.

  4. The green does look really cute with the red top! Too bad about the stretching - sometimes stretchy fabrics are like that. I think it looks really cute though!

  5. It is a cute skirt. Good luck on the second skirt. Could you email me I have a question and I couldn't find your email on your page. Thanks

  6. I love it! The color is awesome and looks great with the top. You are so clever to turn the skirt around and make the front smooth!

  7. Hey, Angie, I'm a nerd. I got a question about the books I just ordered from an Amber. You're probably wondering WTH, right? Sometimes I read the beginning of a word and just guess at the ending. Anyway, disregard my first message!!! :)

  8. I think the skirt looks great. You look like you've lost weight!!!


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