Saturday, April 17, 2010

my 15 minutes of fame.

Although I think its more like 30 minutes! You know me, go big or go home.

DanainDFW is the smarty pants who guessed right in the comments. I was recently asked by the super sweet Lori of Sew Forth Now to participate in one of her sewing podcasts. It was SO fun!!

My own disclaimers before I give you the link to have a listen...

1) My voice is (has always been) that of an 8 year old girl. When people call my house they ask "Is your mama home?"

2) I'm from the Oklahoma/Arkansas border. Get ready for some twang. (Combined with the 8 year old vocal stylings, you get something similar to what you get if you watch Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC.)

3) I'm a complete dork. Oh wait, you already knew that!

No really, I had the MOST fun doing this and I think Lori's podcasts are an awesome way to get to know other sewing bloggers and hear about sewing in an entirely new way! I feel so 21st Century!

Here's the link, I'm episode #55, which just so happened to be Lori's 3rd year podcast anniversary! Happy anniversary Lori, and thanks a ton for asking me to be a part of your fun blog!

ps... Stay tuned for prom dress posting tomorrow!


  1. Great interview! You sound exactly like I imagined - funny how we assign voices to people that we know from the internet.

  2. How exciting, congrats! And I think your voice sounds really sweet.

  3. It was such a fun interview and you have a wonderful voice. Thanks again.

  4. Girl, you haven't heard twang until you live in North Texas. You sound like a totally normal person (well, I did say "sound"...).

    OK, so is it just me, or do you not have a link or button or something that points to the We Sew Vintage blog? And try to look for it on Yahoo Search. OMG why do I never remember to change my default search engine from Yahoo to Google. Yahoo SUCKS.

    Er. Sorry. Off track there a little. Still, blog link?

    My word ver. is "inverc". That is a totally awesome word.


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