Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Simplicity 4887 pt 1

Another day, another project! And I promise, this one will have a finished photo by the end of the week, because I want to wear it to "prom"!

I'm using this mid-1960s Simplicity pattern:

I'm making the print version, the sleeveless view with full skirt. I'm using an Amy Butler "Lotus" print in blue.

This particular pattern is "half-sized", which is technically petite. It fit nearly perfect right out of the envelope! I just had to lower the bust point a smidge and add a bit at the waist (of course!)

I lined the bodice in white Imperial batiste rather than use the facings for neck & sleeve like the pattern called for. I've decided not to line the skirt though; I'll just wear a slip! Maybe even one of my vintage ones for Saturday night (ooh lala!)

I just need to attach the skirt next. The pattern skirt is pleated, but I think I'll just gather it instead. My first attempt at the pleats turned out too small for the bodice, and I'd rather just not fool with figuring out why. Then I'll have to insert the invisible zip (not my favorite, as you well know!) and hem, and it will be finished!

Hopefully I'll have an update in a day or two with a pretty, spring, FINISHED, dress!

ps...I just finished watching the Notebook for the millionth time. *sniffles* Gah, I love Noah.

pps...I did something super fun today that you'll have to tune in later this week to find out about. Let's just say you'll be hearing a whole new side of me.


  1. Did I ever mention that I hate you? I'm not sure if I did or not. So officially, for the record, I categorically state that I hate you.

    "... and it just fit me right out of the envelope. I'm so clever and can sew a cute dress with gorgeous fabric and all. Neener neener."

    (No, I'm not being childishly jealous. I AM NOT!)


    LOL word ver. is "kagumbun". I don't know what that means, but it sounds about right.

  2. PS where did you get that fabric? I love it.

  3. That's when you're all CURMUDGEONLY and what all. Except in Eskimo, possibly. Kagumbun.

  4. Pretty fabric and perfect for that vintage fabric.

  5. Your dress is going to be gorgeous! That's one of my fave Amy Butler prints.

  6. You are so bad to keep us waiting!

  7. Prom, already? Yikes, I'd better get moving!
    Love the fabric, can't wait to see you modeling it!

  8. I love that fabric, too. You're gonna be so cute! You have to wear one of your poofy slips!

  9. That fabric is perfect for that dress and I am dying to see it finished! Not to put pressure on you or anything, but hurry up!

  10. Hmm, "hear" you? I hope it's a podcast. I love the sewing podcasts I know about, but would love another! Am I right, am I right?

  11. I can't wait to see this dress completed!!


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