Saturday, April 03, 2010

pin me.

I'm still chasing Shannon it seems. She posts an Emmafication wardrobe, I post a wannabe Emmafied garment of my own.

Then this week, she posts this super adorable circle skirt with the CUTEST enamel flower pin.

No worries. Just lookie what came in my mailbox today!

I've been stalking etsy & ebay for weeks trying to build up a small collection of retro pins like Miss Pillsbury wears. And while both vendors abound with the Mod (read: loud) daisies in a variety of psychedelic colors, I've tried to concentrate on the still kitschy but more glamorous varieties.

Unfortunately that means I lose at auction. Alot. (Because I'm fashionable, but cheap.)

But this one...this one is the perfect shade of my very favorite aqua blue, and has a dazzling black rhinestone center for just the right touch of bling.

Swoon. I'm pretty sure Emma would agree.


  1. Gorgeous!! When my in-laws were in town, we took them to the flea market...and I found myself drifting back over and over to a seller with a whole case full of enameled pins. I think I need to go back (but with money!!).

  2. Beautiful pins. Showing my age, my brother and I gave these types of pins to my mom for Mother's Day and birthdays. She still has many of them.

  3. Hey Ang, look over there! --->

    *Shannon swipes neato brooch and makes for the hills....*

    Now, you're really chasing me! :)

  4. OMG! It is gorgeous. ;-) Heart it big time!

    Gotta say....Love all this retro...I wore this stuff the FIRST time around. I could let it make me feel old, but actually, it reminds me of times when I liked fashion best... It was fun to be in your twenties in the 60's and 70's.

  5. This is a gorgeous pin! But I'm so glad that I was on eBay last spring/summer and fall looking for these pieces because there is going to be a run on these pins now!


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