Saturday, April 10, 2010

spring = bliss.

Although I originally had tons of sewing related plans this weekend, the absolutely gorgeous day called me outdoors! Who can stay inside on a day like this??

photo by Lu

My yard will need mowing before the week's up, but the violets and other tiny wildflowers are so pretty!

photo by Lu

And the bees are back! I went a couple of summers without seeing a single bee, and it makes me extremely happy to see them buzzing all over my yard! (And then I went back in the house for my flip-flops.)

Lu & Megs, cavorting with the bees:

Megs: "I can flyyyy!!!"

In the spirit of sewing, I did prewash all my new, spring linens and batistes. They looked so pretty fluttering in the wind, a mish-mash of orange, yellow, lavendar, aqua, mint...

photo by Lu

Now I'm inside for a bit, and thinking about a tracing marathon! I think we're up to 4 or 5 in our Kyoto/Hotpatterns marathon!


  1. It was a beautiful day here too. We spent all day at a track meet.

  2. Lovely colors on the line :)

  3. Oooh, your fabrics flapping in the breeze are so pretty! I lounged on a deck chair this afternoon and hemmed a skirt and listened to the birds chirp.

  4. oooooo... preeeeetty.

    Hey, we have bees this spring too! I just suggested (ok, yelled) at Russ to not shoo them away from the dripping pipestand in the back. I mean... BEES. Real live BEES. YAY!

    And seriously? My word ver. is.... wait for it...

    "swarn" That is too bee-like, right? "LOOK OUT! It's a SWAARN of real live BEES!!"

  5. I love your yard! Your fabrics do look lovely fluttering on your line. We've had beautiful days here too but now we have a chance for rain all week.
    word ver: wornning!

  6. Beautiful Pictures!


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