Thursday, April 29, 2010

gotta love vogue.

First though, a huge Thank You for the support & well-wishes on my last post. I'd tell you how much it meant to me, but I'd probably wind up embarrassing us all. ;) Let's just say I don't really have any sort of support system in my everyday world, which makes your comments & emails that much sweeter. So thanks!

Vogue. (And not of the Sue Sylvester variety...)

No, I'm talking about the Vogue sale! (Which was extended through tonight!) I was on a self-imposed pattern diet, but I couldn't resist a couple of pretty dresses. And maybe a top or three...





As usually happens with the pattern company's seasonal offerings, I'm not terribly impressed when the "New Patterns!" are released, but on thumbing through weeks later, I see gems I just have to have! I love the interesting details (especially the variety of detail) in the top patterns!

The dresses are just gorgeous and fun and scream "summer". Now if I could just get some free time to sew! Hopefully this weekend. Tomorrow's TGIF!!

Oh, and if you haven't seen the Glee "Vogue" video, you really must google it! It's hysterically of the awesome!


  1. I know, it's hard to resist. I am overflowing with patterns, too. I look forward to your versions.

  2. we all wouldn't be commenting if we didn't get something out of it - you must be part of our daily support systems as well ;) lucky are we to have this forum and technology

  3. You know I've got yer back, babe! I have patterns coming out the wah-zoo, so I will ignore your enabling evil ways! And yes, the Glee version of Vogue is awesome!

  4. 8633 is TOTALLY you!

  5. Ooo, I love these dresses! Don't tempt me! It's not like I don't have a to-do list a mile long already!

  6. Those are lovely patterns, I love the dresses,I will love to have the second one when they go on sale, not yet on pattern diet but fabric?..mmmmm, no go area for now...Have a great weekend

  7. Angie, love your blog. Have an extra bernina 35 foot if you would like to have it. Makes those zippers a breeze=. Marie

  8. Oooohhhhh! I see lots I want. :)

  9. I have Vogue 8633 and it's on my summer sewing list too...we shall see if I get to it! You did good...but I passed on this sale even though Buttericks were $1.74 Club BMV price...*sigh* there just wasn't anything I really wanted!

  10. Just got around to listening to your interview with Lori on her podcast. Loved it! Especially when you had to tell the passing boys hello.


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