Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pan Am: Episode 1

Pan Am episode 2 tonight!  Did you watch last week?  I did!  Recap...

Favorite Hair:  Bridget's casual do

Favorite Glimpse at the Past: the wedding guests

Favorite Casual Look:  Maggie channeling Audrey

Favorite Day Look: Kate's (black tweed?) dress

Favorite Evening Look:  Maggie, at the bar in London

Favorite Scene:  London bar

Most Interesting Character:  Maggie.  So far, she's my fave!  I love a rebel.

Most Interesting Dress:  Bridget again, a sheath from the front, simple with beautiful floral bodice...

and then KAPOW!  the back!

I made two Pan Am inspired sets last week on Polyvore.  One for Day:

and one for Night:

Can't wait for tonight's episode!

Random weekend musing...  

why, hello there

you're beautiful.


  1. I watched the episode last night on my iPad and I have to admit that it is a wonderful series...just hate that it's opposite Good Wife! Loved Bridget's mystery and you're right the clothes are amazing. It's a great show and I hope it lasts!

  2. I have not watched but now your convincing me that I need to sew on Sunday evenings so I can watch something other than football. Wonder if it's on demand.....


  3. Bridgette's day-off hair was the BEST. (That dress was pretty amazing too.)

    So far I like Colette best. She's like the girl you hate to love, but you have to because she's just so ridiculously sweet-natured.

    Word verification: "deceukos"... this is what everybody eats in Athens on the London-to-Cairo-via-Athens episode next week.

    Or whatever.

  4. Colette is my absolute favourite and I can't wait to see her rockin' some casual clothes. Brigitte's dress was off the hizzle. One question: Where did Maggie's hair go? One moment it was long and curly and she was rushing, next it was a smoothed bob?

    My only problem was how fast paced it was, but maybe they were trying to establish the characters in the first ep... Bring on episode number 2!

  5. Reana: I totally wondered about that sudden short hairdo too! I'm all, "Did they cut her HAIR in that helicopter?? Da-HANG, girl!"

  6. Wait. What were you talking about? That last photo pretty much did me in! Nom nom nom...

  7. I watched this after seeing your post on it last week and I really loved it! So glad I saw your blog about it.


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