Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Muppets Dress: Vogue 9668

So I've spent the past 2 days working on my Amy Adams-inspired Muppets dress.'s where I'm leaving off on this one for a while.  Complete with crappy early morning indoor photo:

Looks great pinned on the dressform, even before sleeves and lining, right?  And it looks beautiful IF I don't zip it up all the way.  It's too tight!  Ack. 

I ended up using this Vogue 9668 pattern, as I mentioned before:

I cut my high bust measurement and added a 1" FBA and it fit REALLY well through the front.  And that neckline!  So flattering.

This seersucker fabric is beautiful! (The fabric for this project was provided by Online Fabric Store).  It has a lovely drape and is lightweight and perfect for summer.  I love the color too... a deep brown and white stripe.  I'll definitely be purchasing more of this, in some of the other colors.

Back to my too-tight dress.  I did do a tissue fit, which seemed perfect.  I tried sewing smaller side seams but it I needed MORE ROOM.  I have no idea what happened.  Unless, as Kristine mentioned yesterday when I was whining, I made a cutting error.

Too late now!  Well...not entirely too late.  If you look closely in the bodice photo, I tried adding a horizontal striped "gusset" (a'la this helpful article on Threads).  I decided to do a full-length strip, because I was hoping it would look like a design element.

Meh.  Right now it looks like the dress was too tight and I added a couple of contrasting strips of fabric.

But maybe I'm too close. In any case, I'm setting this project aside while I mull it over and gain some distance.  (Good news...the invisible zipper was PERFECT.  Of course.)

Moving on to a new project...which I haven't picked out yet!  I'll keep you posted!


  1. Oh no! If it's any consolation, when I made this pattern up, it was a little tight in the waist too. I ended up reducing my seam allowances to the bare minimum, and it was just enough to squeeze into when all was said and done. Provided I don't gain any weight, that is :) Haha!

  2. This just happened to me, my skirt feels too tight. Thanks for posting that link, it was helpful. The dress looks really lovely, I hope it doesn't get put into the UFO pile too long. Also the fabric is sweet, I am thinking about ordering from them. Do you think it needs to be lined? Thanks!

  3. Oh it's beautiful - I'm sorry it's fighting with you - that's no fun at all. I can't see the contrast you added so no opinion on that. Ick! Hope you win the fight. g

  4. Only those of us who know about such things would even consciously notice your gusset. And we would silently applaud you for your clever solution. I'd give you extra points, rather than disparage you for having to resort to an insert. The play of direction with stripes is a spot on fashion trend right now. Your horizontal insert idea is genius.

  5. Even though you said that it was horizntal, I still can't see the gusset either, so I say go ahead with it!

  6. Well, isn't that just the worst? Everything is going along geat guns and then, whammo, it doesn't fit. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt (but, ironically, it didn't fit either - go figure).

    I still think you can salvage this puppy - just let it simmer for a while and then inspiration will hit.

  7. Sometimes you just gotta' let something rest for a bit. But hey, I love your maxi skirt, blowing in the wind. Awesome!

  8. Oh, Angie, I'm so sorry. That is the most irritating sewing happening ever! The first time I made Simplicity 2444, the same thing occurred. It was lovely on the hanger, but would barely zip up. I wanted to attack the dress with my sheers, but instead gave it to my mother...and am more than a little jealous each time she gets to wear the dress. ;)

    Also, try as I might, I can't spot that gusset. That's a genius fix attempt, even if you don't keep it. I hope, when you return to it, the dress goes easier for you!

  9. half the time when we make stuff we totally under estimate how much ease we need. we foget that we need to breathe. meh, it happens, and you will fix it in the next run! good luck sweetie!

  10. It looks so cute. I sure hope your trick works.

  11. Oh, how disappointing to dream about how a dress will look when finished and then spend so much time on it and have it turn out to not fit! I've done it more times than I care to admit. Sometimes just getting away from my projects awhile gives me new energy to try again. I hope you can fix your dress, it's so beautiful!


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