Friday, December 09, 2011

Magazine Love: Mary Engelbreit Home Companion

Even after 3 years, I still miss my ME Home Companion magazine in the mailbox.

I subscribed early on, back when Mary still illustrated the covers.  I LOVED my Home Companion!!  My mailbox just hasn't been the same since they ceased publication.

Here's some amazing news...Mary Engelbreit is trying to revive her magazine!  If you follow this link, you can vote in the poll and leave a comment telling Mary (and potential publishers) how much you miss MEHC and how you'd be doing the happy dance in mazazine aisle of Barnes & Noble if only Home Companion would come back.  (And then subscribe!)

Sadly, I had a bathroom pipe bust open and the ensuing overspray wiped out most of my back issues earlier this year.  But I've been collecting them on ebay here and there.  I got really lucky and won a big old box of 'em a few months ago.  I'm still ferreting out the early issues though...I only have two from 1999 now, and none from '98.  Strike that.  I now have 4 from '98 and 3 from 99!  Woohoo for ebay watch list!

It's been cold around here.  Lots of this snuggly business going on:

It's Friday!


  1. I used to love getting the paper dolls out of the magazine and cutting them out for Hannah, back when she still played with them.

  2. I was a big fan of this magazine, too. I commented on their site a couple of months back, when I first heard about the efforts to bring it back. Hope the are successful.


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