Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snoop Shoppin: Modcloth

Did you know Modcloth had extended their selection of larger sizes recently?  Every time I visit their website, the number of pieces they carry increases!  (You can also now search by size, which is pretty handy).  For a website that used to feature mostly smallish clothes for smallish people (the largest bust size for most items is still 38"), that's awesome.

Some current favorites...
Red-y for my Closeup Dress

Ear Grey-tful Dress

Sweet on Stripes Dress

City Sailing Dress

Social Club Socialite Dress

Deco Diva Dress

Streetcar Commute Dress

Irresistible Enchantress Dress

Pine All Mine Dress

Awards Show Stunner Dress

Happy to Homemake Dress
Aren't they gorgeous??  These dresses are all offered up to at least a 48" bust. Even better...I think I've shown one or two of these previously when they were only available in a 38" bust and below. 

The last dress, the Happy to Homemake Dress, looks very similar to the Favorite Things Prairie Girl pattern.

Which I've made here and here.  And possibly once more, but I can't find the link.  I love, love, love this pattern.  And I could totally knock off that Modcloth "homemaker" dress in a pretty rayon.  (What an odd name, although I think it's supposed to be an homage to a '40s housewife?  Maybe?)

As a sidenote, I would invest in more Favorite Things patterns, but I found a discrepancy in the Hip Skirts pattern and I emailed them about it (just FYI if you have that one, the length of a couple of the skirts in the Hip Skirts pattern is really short, despite what the pattern cover photo shows).  I got a super snippy reply in response and unfortunately  that has colored my view.  Whenever I reach for another of their patterns at my local quilt shop, I remember that email. 

Four years later.

There's a lesson there. Somewhere.

In any case, I still love the Prairie Girl pattern and may have to dig it out and see if I have any suitable fabrics.  (haha.  That's funny.)

ps.  We will NOT speak of Once Upon A Time's Sunday episode yet. 



  1. I need to either buy or sew a copy of the streetcar commute dress. Fabulous!

  2. ARRRRGH. I love those dresses.

    ARRRRGH. You are not the first person who has mentioned CS issues with Favorite Things. I don't know what these little companies are thinking when they behave like this.

    ARRRRGH. O.U.A.T. -sob-

  3. Yay for larger sizes! I'm not going to fit into a 38" bust either.

  4. why, o why did they kill off the sheriff? hubby and i are really getting into this show. it just keeps getting better and better ... until they did that! aaaaccck! now they need to bring in another hunky actor. i guess to show that the evil queen is really, really evil!

  5. Beautiful dresses. I was hoping you would have your Once Upon a Time recap up, because I'm dying to know what you think. And it sounds like its gonna be a little break before new episodes!?! My husband's not watching this show with me, so you're my person!

  6. OMG I love that grey V-neck dress with the black trim, and the red wrap number... Stopped paying any attention to ModCloth after taking a close look at product details and discovering they design for scrawny midgets. Inspirational selection from you today, though! Makes me want to rummage through the pattern drawer and daydream about what I could make.

  7. Ohhhhh I long for the day I can just look at a picture of a dress and re-create it!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is almost a shock to get a comment anymore...hee hee. You have a great blog!!! I am going to refrain from going to Mod Cloth 2 days before Christmas....or I might shoot the budget....I know I would!!! Have yourself a Merry Christmas!!!


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