Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Once Upon A Time: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Read at your own risk: spoilers abound!  This is the one that hooked me but good.  Damn them.

The "Hunter"in the title is our adorable Sheriff Graham.

Sheriff Graham, about whom I waxed poetic just a few days ago. Frankly, my poetic waxing has never fared well for a show. Or a character.

I should learn to keep my mouth shut.

Here's the recap (with tiny bits of apartment news and a cute outfit coming in a later post). To get things off to a rockin' start, Graham, in a fit of pique, slams a good one on Emma.

Who soundly rejects him (yea, like she's such a puritan).  Graham hardly notices because Emma's sweet, sweet lips have caused a mental flash flood of memories of his "real" existence in fairytale land. 

With Emma stalking down the street in the opposite direction, Graham decides to test this kissing flashy thing out on the mayor to see what he can see.

Try the cold, dark depths of her soulless heart.

We do get a peek at the Evil Queen's palace.  I knew it.  She's Romulan. 

 Her Evil Barbie Dream Palace does include a fabulous Evil Barbie wardrobe though.

  Gina Lollobrigida? Is that you?

 Hey you know what else is cool about being a powerful--yet evil, man-pet keeping--witch?  Er, queen?

You wake up in the dead of night with your pet, I mean, paramour, and your face is toast.

But wait!  He flits his gaze for one second to his escape pants so far, far away on the floor and BAM.

Booyah! My face is purrrrfect.

So what was our boy toy remembering about his other life?  Well, Snow for one thing.  Graham is, as I've suspected all along, the Huntsman.  Dispatched by the Queen to kill the fair Snow White.

Except he can't do it.  But he looks good in queen's knight black leather in spite of his henchman failures.

Back at casa mayoral, he confirms his identity with Henry, who tells him a story. 

And also... he looks really, and I mean really, good in all-over black leather. 

In case you missed that part. (But that creepy Medusa mirror squicks me out.  Black leather. Black leather. Black leather.)

We do learn a really creepy pet project of the Queens.  Collecting hearts.  To crush to bits.  Or for a light snack.

And anytime Mr. Gold shows up in an apron with a shovel is obviously Not. A. Good. Day. (or it's just your average, every day polar bear in paradise. Take your pick.) 

Graham's memories include his wolf family (who raised him, as the Huntsman) and he begins following a wolf in Storybrook, convinced the wolf will lead him to his heart. (last seen above, clutched in the Queen's claws). 

Emma helps. Mostly because she's convinced he's off his nut, but also because he's pretty.

The mayor is not happy. 

Girl punches are thrown.  It was a bit awesome.  Graham dumps Evil Mayoress, completely and totally.  Irrevocably.  

And then we get my favorite reveal. 


And then we get sweet, sweet moments of charming Irish goodness like this:

 And this:

And yes. This.

You know she's going to do it.  You pray she doesn't, and you hide your eyes.  You note that the dried blood on her chin matches her lipstick.   No detail too small for our Regina.

 And he remembers.  Everything.  Now you know.

Then.... a squeeze and...

We're all ... crushed.


Repeat after me.  

True love's kiss.


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    WOO HOO! I didn't think about "True Love's Kiss"!!

  2. so not working.

    this show is EVIL. PURE EVIL.

    Also, "polar bear in paradise". BAHAHHAHAHHA. Had not looked at it that way. Could be.


  4. I was so sad when I finished watching this episode, but you're totally right! They could bring him back! All Emma has to do is kiss him. Except she doesn't strike me as the type of girl who will kiss a dead body. Might take her a while... But maybe he's not dead after all, and that's all that matters. You totally made my day. :)

  5. Pushing Daisies was so ahead of it's time - a few years later and I think it would still be on!
    And you know what would have gone quite nicely with the huntsman's black leather...

  6. Oh man. Gothic! Gothic! Gothic!

  7. So... do me a favor? Keep posting about this show? I don't have a tv and you totally have me hooked!


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