Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Simplicity Patterns: Finding the mojo.

I ran across a cute blog before Christmas called Idle Fancy.  Her archives are worth a look, she's a cutie!  And I love her Simplicity 2591, the post I linked up there.

Unfortunately Simplicity 2591 is OOP.

Fortunately, still has some in stock!  Of course an order of one pattern means I need an order of a few patterns.  To justify shipping, you know.  I wanted Simplicity 2591 because of it's multi-cup sizing, and because every single version online that I've seen is adorable and flattering.  Such a cute little dress!  Perfect for spring and summer, but maybe with sleeves and tights and a cardi...?  Winterish too?

I also got Simplicity 4173, a vintagey sundress and peasant top/skirt combo.  I have seen some 1950s vintage patterns that are similar.

Simplicity 2367, a selection of pants and skirts (and those shorts are adorable!  Although probably too young for me.  Ummm in the same vein as playsuits, I probably won't care!)

Then there's this Cynthia Rowley, Simplicity 2361, that I meant to buy back when it wasn't OOP.  And then I went on my pattern fast that shockingly never ended.  (I haven't bought patterns in months and months!)  Also a summery dress.  Hmmm.  Is there a theme here?

Ok, whew.  ONE is seasonal appropriate.  Simplicity 1941, the Amazing Fit blouse. I don't think this one is OOP.
 Part of my neverending quest to find the Holy Grail of Blouse Patterns.  You know the one where angels sing and the heavens open up and shine down perfect bustlines and photos that look Photoshopped but are totally not?

Actually I have no idea if any of these besides 2591 are OOP.  In my head they all are but the blouse.  Which probably means I made that up.  In the vast, carnivorous, fiction spewing recess called Mah Brain.

Sadly, I can't work on any of these. They haven't arrived yet.  They've been sitting at a FedEx in Lenexa, KS since December 24.  Come on, FedEx!  Did you take this week off to recuperate or what?

I bet business really hate that pesky tracking number we can all check and obsess over.

I hope your holidays were spectacular!  Mine were!  Got loads of good stuff like pj's and bracelets and snuggly baby kisses and The Help (which I'm getting ready to watch right this minute while wearing said pj's and fuzzy socks.)

Snuggly Baby Goodness


  1. I have sewed 2591 twice now and really enjoy my dresses. You'll like it, I bet. I just realized I never blogged about the pattern, but if you'd like to see mine it's the seventh pic down in this post.

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I haven't bought patterns in a long while either, like before Halloween. A really long while, right? Anyway, I can totally see you in everything you picked, great choices! Joann's is putting McCalls and Vogues on sale Friday, so I was super naughty... went today, picked mine out, and stashed them in a deep dark corner for when I go back Friday. So wrong, so very very wrong... but, I really do hope they're still there in a couple days. I'll report back! Hope your FedEx truck shows soon!!!

  3. I have 1941 and I'm pretty sure it is the holy grail of blouses. I didn't need to do a FBA nor a full bicep adjustment. I only did a petite adjustment above the waist, but not needed between bustpoint and shoulder. I've only made it twice. I feel like I need at least a third one in order to officially declare it the Holy Grail. I think you'll like it.

  4. Love those patterns, and that baby! And The Help - I got it too. Love it! Happy New Year. g

  5. Lucky you - what lovely patterns, love the baby and the elf outfit too!

  6. I'm so glad Simplicity had 2591 still in stock for you! It really is such a wonderful dress. A little tricky when piecing together, but definitely worth it in the end. I can't wait to see your versions!

    Also, thanks a million for the blog shout out. You are fabulous! :D

  7. OMG. cutest baby picture EVER! Loving these patterns!!


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