Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Simpler, Quieter Life

December is flying by and once again I haven't had time to settle down and enjoy the time leading up to the holidays.

I have Pinterest boards for both Christmas and handmade Gifts, but I haven't had time to even peruse them.

Next year seems so far away, and yet I found myself just this past weekend thinking about planning better next year.  


Shortly after that I realized my life could stand to be a lot simpler.


I started by unsubscribing from every company in my email inbox.  Two hundred plus emails a day is 195 too many.

Then I got really radical and deleted my Facebook account.   

I originally created my FB account when I was doing business on ebay sewing toddler girl's clothing.  Then I kept it because I discovered my tiny babies were suddenly teenagers and I wanted to keep up with them (and their friends). 

Then all my coworkers and friends (old, new and barely met yet) had a Facebook.  So I should have one!  Except...  it kinda creeps me out.  It's always creeped me out.  It's terribly invasive.  It's time-consuming.  It's a new and improved way for people to be rude and unkind to one another.  It's a neverending mish-mash of TMI.


I really loathe it.  So I deleted it.

And I feel so much better. 

If you're my friend or family member, chances are you have my phone number and/or address.  Call me.  Or write a letter.  Or, you know, email me one of those really important emails I actually want to read.

And if you're my child, well, I already know what you're doing and what your friends are doing because I talk to you every day.  Every. Day.  And I like that much better than Facebook.


I plan on continuing to find ways to simplify and pare down my life.  What do we really need?  What makes me truly happy?  What do I cherish the most?

Happiness lives inside us all. 
Set it free.


  1. Sometimes I get on FB to look at the Vogue Patterns wall. And then I click away really fast before anyone else can see I'm online. I did it for awhile but... I don't know. It's not that it really creeps me out, but rather sucks away my time. And I'm really not that interested in what everyone is doing at every second of the day. Glad to know I'm not the only one not in love with FB. And great job minimizing all the stuff in your life!

  2. I'm all in favor of simplifying and paring down the extraneous in our lives. There is a lot of "noise" and information all the time; I probably should examine more regularly what of all that is bringing something positive to my life and what is just wasting my time.

  3. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I've been thinking simplification tonight too. I have facebook. I don't think I will delete my FB but I think I will take a break from it for a while. Maybe the month of December. My time-sucker is the TV. I watch too much. I need a TV in my sewing room so I can watch and sew.

  4. lovely post - more quality less quantity. Enjoy. g

  5. I can totally see your point. I'm currently trying to simplify some things in my life, too.

  6. A very thoughtful post. We all think of simplifying our life. Tonight you have actually taken steps to do so.

  7. Great post! I'm continually trying to reduce the "noise" in our lives; we're busy enough as is. That also means that we're quite out of the loop sometimes by not following the (especially kids') popular TV shows, toys, activities... It also means we have time for a quiet Advent tea hour almost every day! Choose what makes you happy.

  8. Is odd how much effort it takes to keeps our lives simple these days!
    That golden snitch ornament is fantastic btw. Am adding that to my list of crafty things to do for Christmas, and now I've just gone and cluttered up my life a little bit more thank you very much, lol! :D

  9. love it angie!

    i spent 3 hours obliterating my facebook account. like, wiping it from existence. i loved that feeling after. totally worth 3 hours.


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