Friday, December 16, 2011

Once Upon a Time: Apartment Envy - Episode 7

With the *sob* Graham story crushing my heart and soul, I didn't have room in the last OUAT post to share MM's apartment.  Or outfit.

(Oh yeah. You know it's bad if I can't even talk vintage housewares and dirndl skirts).

So in Episode 7 we got another brief, brief peek about Mary Margaret's apartment.  Mostly little touches that help fill in the blanks.

First up... just your average, ordinary ironing board. Right?  Plain little wall and window.  Except... what's that in the lower right hand corner but... a vintage sewing machine?  Yes?

New angle!  I think we've seen all four corners of MM's open plan apartment now.  LOVE the wardrobe and what are those on top?  Mailboxes? We also scored another bedroom peek in this ep. Check out the trunk at the foot of her bed.  Yellow!

Dining table also appears yellow, at least in this shot.  I don't know if I saw that before?  Love the embroidered dresser scarf on the table. The blue deer planter back on the side table kills me every time.

Next to MM's elbow... a vintage 6-arm swinging dishtowel rack. Want.

Crocheted potholder in jadeite and red!

This is a good time to point out MM's cute outfit too.  Darling, simple white top with allover doilies.  I've seen this top somewhere (anthro?  Leifsdottr?) but it's been a while.  Cute.  Easy to replicate.  She wore it with a swishy dirndl skirt and skinny brown belt.

Still crushed though.  Stupid show with the enviable apartment and wardrobe that beckons me.


  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    stupid show is right. why why why they kill off one of the cute ones??
    I am so hooked on this show though.
    ~jessica, aka veedogknitter

  2. I so love your little pieces on the show, cuz I absolutely love this show! It is fun to have someone else that loves it too!

  3. I think this might be fake separates, because the skirt about the belt looks joined to the blouse..that would just make me love it more of course!

  4. @Jessica: I KNOW! I'm still hopeful. Little BSG trivia...did you know that the girl who plays Charming's "wife" is our dear Apollo's little sister in real life?

    @LauraM - Thank you! I love everything! I probably spend as much time picking apart screenshots to see all the little extra details as I do watching the episodes!

    @LAP: Ack. I think you're right!! HOW adorable is that?

  5. Why is it so dark in there!! The poor girl is going to suffer from SAD and have to get one of those UV lights.

    I hate to rub it in but I have almost that exact towel drying thingie. I got it at an antique store in Emporia, Kansas. They had two of them. Road trip? It's interesting because in the screenshot it looks like the arms do not come out at a 90 degree angle but sort of angle down. Hmmm. I thought mine was broken and rebent the wire so when it was folded down the arms were at 90 degrees. My bad.

  6. Those are old library card catalogue drawers on top of the armoire. Love em.

  7. Oh, thanks for these pics. I adore this apartment!! This is the second TV apartment that I have gone gaga over, the first one was on the Bionic Woman show. I know, a thousand years ago, lol...when I was young I wanted her apartment (over her grandparents garage with lots of brick and an arched fireplace...)


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