Saturday, December 10, 2011

Once Upon a Time: Episode 6 "The Shepherd"

This was a Prince Charming background episode, and I loved it.  We had lots of Charming himself.

We also got King Midas. And a DRAGON.  Didn't see that comin.

In Storybrooke, we were treated to a couple of cute dresses and the briefest shot of MM's bedroom. So let's recap (that means let's talk about the clothes. And maybe the apartment).  Charming (David) tracks down Mary Margaret and finds her in what could be a seriously cute little pea coat.  I'm not sure.  It's too dark.  (I just like their earnest expressions so it deserves a spot.)

Then we find MM scrubbing dishes in her little kitchen and BAM.  I'm knocked for a loop at the bunny on her cabinet (and more wire baskets for shelving!)

I have that exact bunny. Er, I had that exact bunny. 
I think I might have just thrown him out in a fit of organizing.

Then I notice she's in a silk (silk-y??) top and jeans (very un-MM-like, and I'm diggin it), but wait! 

Of course her bed is wrought iron.

Now you're picturing Charming amongst all that frothy voile and pale bedding.  Aren't you.

No? Just me then.

Next we are treated to a very retro 80s navy polkadot dress and red cardi.  I love the skinny red belt.

Last we see her, MM is getting her heart broken, in a fashion much as she suspected.

At least she looked lovely.  I recognized the dress immediately.

Dress by anthropologie:

Tomorrow's episode looks extremely interesting...  The sheriff is becoming one of my favorite characters.  Can't wait!


  1. I am defniitely liking the sherrif. sherif. sheriff.


    Anyway, I like him. Yum.

    Maybe you sold your bunny at the flea market and some roaming set designer bought it and THAT'S YOUR EXACT BUNNY.

    Huh? Ever think of that?


    hmmm... word verification: "nating"... this is what MM and John are doing... they're not dating. But they want to date. But they're not. They're NATING.

    I rock. Seriously. I do. You should be honored to know me.

  2. I don't have tv, and rarely think about it, but your descriptions of this show have been making me wish I did. So much that I mentioned it to a friend today at church. Guess what? She's been dvr-ing it! So we're planning a mini-marathon for me after the holidays.


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