Tuesday, July 18, 2006

2 Weeks, The Babe, and a Gold Medalist

I've got to go back to school 2 weeks from tomorrow. Sad, huh? Not that I don't like my job, I do. But it's stressful, and I don't have time to be creative.

Sewing is my Prozac.

The BabeA man whose father caught a Babe Ruth homerun ball 70 years ago, has been forced to sell that ball for money to pay for his wife's cancer treatment. A family treasure, a priceless heirloom. Both of these descriptives probably apply more to his wife than to that dirty old ball. Still....how sad. I wish the person who bought it would give it back to him.

Gold Medal
Kerri Strug was at our convention in Nashville last week...I'll bet only half a dozen people recognized her name. (After all, most of these attendees were HS students who were 5 or 6 when she was in the Olympics!) Until one of the guest speakers pointed her out & told the crow
d of nearly 5000 who she was and her part in winning the 1996 Team Gold Medal in Women's Gymnatics. Wow I remember that night so clearly! It was beyond exciting.

Anyway, Kerri was bombarded with autograph seekers and I happened to be near her & got a shot of her with Lu. She was a real sweetie, too. (Kerri, although Lu ain't bad.)

Til next time lurker-loos...hopefully I'll find my happy by then.


  1. I got stuck at back to school in two weeks.
    I'm crying for you!

  2. I met Keri once, a friend of mine at Berkley knew her. This was about three years ago. She was still super muscle-y, tiny, and obviously very strong-willed. she seemed like a cool girl with a lot of guts and no time for BS.

  3. I remember Keri very well...we brought DD2 home from the hospital on the day the '96 Olympics opened, so, with my older kids at their grandmas, I basically spent the next 10 days or so nursing a newborn while watching the Olympics.

    I remembered Keri with amazement 5 years later when I sprained my ankle badly and couldn't even walk; her unbelievable vault on a similar injury was nothing short of heroic.

  4. Thanks Erica :D I wake up every day in mourning, LOL.

    Keri's VERY tiny, as you can tell by her standing next to my 9 year old!!! Lu isn't particularly tall for her age either, although she might be a bit taller than average. She's about 4'6. Lisa, your daughter must be about a year younger than as my ds. Gary was just able to walk around good at the 96 games. I tore my Achilles tendon partially with complete tears of the lateral ligaments this spring. I have NO idea how she did that vault. Sheer force of will. She's a strong girl I'm guessin!! She's working in the juvenile justice dept. I guess in DC. How fitting!


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