Saturday, July 22, 2006

Luuuuuurex. Hee.

Finished the not-so-boring-beige Loes Hinse sweater set! Yay! I've got a whole outfit!! The beige is hard to describe and harder to photograph. It's got a pretty gold sheen (thus the Lurex, above. Which is soooo alluuuuuring. I'm cracking my own self up.) Here's a pic of the sweater set on Edith, my sewing assistant.

The cardigan above is still missing buttons/buttonholes. I want snazzy buttons. Any suggestions out there? I think with such a bland color (although in person the sheen is kinda pretty. Or distracting. Not sure which.) I think I need a pretty button. Something in a color? Gold tone? (I can't believe I just said that.) Wooden? Hmm. I'm stuck on this one.

And that makes 3 pieces I can cross off the swap thingie. Well, actually 4 because I finished the turquoise slinky Oxfords too. But they're too short. Bummer. I'm wondering if they're too full in the leg to chop off and make crops out of? Not capri length exactly...but definitely above ankle. I might just try it and see. They're wadders otherwise. Silly me, the Oxfords has a cuff and I forgot to fold that part out...but when I tried them on prior to hemming I "imagined" more length than was there and chopped off a ton without measuring. I suck. That'll teach me!

Speaking of teaching...G-man (11 years old and full of wisdom) says about the whole beige sweater set/skirt ensemble: "That IS nice. Looks teacher-y." Thanks G.

later gators!

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