Friday, July 28, 2006

Holy Cardigan, Batman!

Ok, trying to finish up the SWAP and it's getting soooooo close. It's actually so close I'm nearly sick of it. Are you ? :P

Here's the LH sweater set I made this afternoon:

The cardigan is, well holey, because I got in a way big furry hurry to finish it and snipped a tiny hole in the front placket. This extremely crappy incident sent me digging through my "scrap" bin to find that dk. brown rick-rack sorta stuff I bought from that mail-order place about 7 years ago in a bag of "goodies" that I am STILL pulling fixes out of. Sadly that place went out of business about 4 years ago. Good times.

Here's a closeup of the psuedo rick-rack fix:

Not bad, huh? And here's a pic of just the tank from the sweater set with a pair of LH Cruise Pants (the legs are morphed with the stovepipe leg of the Oxfords.)

I gotta say, this is the hands-down, best-fitting tank pattern I've ever sewn. I've made a few out of all different sweater knits & they're all perfect. No gaposis of the cleavage or pits. Which is a good thing indeed.

As for the Storyboard tute...I didn't get to it this afternoon, what with the cardigan rescue & all. But it's started & I really just need time for screenshots. So stay tuned! More tomorrow!


  1. Your SWAP is really nice. I have enjoyed seeing the progression.

  2. Thanks Linda! How's the storyboard coming on your end?


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