Thursday, July 27, 2006

Project Runway Junkies

My PR obsession has now passed to my offspring. While watching last night's episode two things of humor & interest happened...G-man says "Smack me if I ever sound like that" (in reference to something Kayne said), and about 5 seconds later he & Lu found their inner designer. See below.

I gotta say, G had it goin on there for a minute. He created a one-shoulder, square neckline, asymmetrical, plunging-back top that was pretty hot. Lu added a pink straw hat & feather boa to her Greek Goddess toga number. It's all about the accessories.

As for PR itself, I am SOOOO MADDDD that the star of her very own bubblicious freakshow Angela is STILL hanging in there. Sweet, sweet Katy was just invisible in comparison (i.e. not ratings fodder disguised as "artsy-designer-character" like the rest of them.) I gotta say, Michael's silent brilliance had better not be the doom of him. Because I will be truly p-o'd at PR if he gets kicked off just for not making waves! Yeesh.

In SWAP news...I updated my storyboard with a new jacket and the cruise pant.

I also made a "Completed Garments" board too, just to motervate myself (and interested lurkers) of all the accomplished/finished stuff.


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