Thursday, July 06, 2006

Runnin away to Nashville to be a Country Music Star...

Big hair, pointy boots, bare midriffs...erm, ok. Maybe not. I don't think the country music capital is quite ready for my bare midriff. I am, however, almost out the door for a whirlwind trip to Nashville, TN. Maybe I'll just meet a country music star, who will sweep me off my feet and serenade me in our 6000 sq ft mansion for the rest of my days, allowing me to craft and sew and blog and sew and blog. Ya think?

While I won't be back til next Friday...I AM taking my laptop. So maybe I'll document the trip & all its finer moments. Tho not while driving. That would be wrong.

Right now I'm watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Is anyone but me old enough to remember how creepy and wonderful this movie was when it debuted? It was AWESOME. I mean, ok, it was sorta eclipsed by StarWars, but wow. What a year for breakout movie genres. And megasuperstar producers. I was in the first grade, but I still remember this movie and how badly I wanted to see it... And how jealous I was of Angela K. because her hair was way down past her bum and her mom could braid it in to earmuffs like Leia's. Ok, I'm mixing up movie memories, but if you were in elementary school in 1977 then you knew an Angela K. too. Weren't those earmuff braids just galling?! Hmph.

Not much sewing being done around here...too busy packing and getting a crown on my tooth. Not as pretty and shiny as a crown on my head, but maybe more useful. Unless I'm out to catch me a country music star.

And hey, did I mention my mouth hurts. Yowza.

This Friday's tute will be delayed due to the impending road trip, but when I get back watch out. I got one acronym for ya...SWAP. Yay! More inspiration! :D

Oh, and how gorgeous was Teri Garr in this movie?! Dang. Now I'm gonna want to watch Tootsie. Ya can't have any Teri Garr and not watch the big T.

later gators,

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