Monday, July 24, 2006

Got My Groove Back (or How I Made 3 Wadders in 3 Days)

Recent pants disaster had me pulling my hair out. I even made a muslin for crying out loud! AND I traced the entire pants pattern (not just cutting into the original willy-nilly.) But one pair was too big, another too small. So...I went back to basics. The Pull-On Skirt.

You really can't get much better than LH's Swing Skirt. It's like instant sewing gratification. Here's the completed swing skirt for my SWAP, with the twinset from a few days ago:

Working off the immediate sewing endorphin high, I whipped out a KwikSew twist top to match:

WOW, together they actually seem dress-like. I completely take credit for planning that (hee.)

Now I'm back in pants mode. After all, my booty is going to get awfully cold this winter wearing only skirts. Plus, you can't really be crawling around under the computer tables to fix things in a skirt. (It IS a high school after all. Teachers have been arrested for less.)

"Cutting" out of here, sewing fans!


  1. Hi - Just found your blog and really enjoy it!! I saw that you made the Kwick Sew Twist Top and had a question? I have also made that top, but it is way too low for my liking. I wore the first one I made with a cami under it. I tried to bring up the twist, but could not figure out how to then shorten the length of the twisted piece - I saw you have many tutorials and wondered if you have any ideas. The way it is made has me stumped on how to make the neckline higher? Any help would be appreciated!! You can e-mail me at Thanks!! Kim

  2. Emailing you Kim :D

  3. I love the Swing Skirt and it looks fab with the same fabric top! I love it when I "get my groove back." When you finally get a pair of pants that fit, I want to know how you did it!

  4. This is looking great! I am truly impressed. Glad to be reading your blog.

    Thanks for the Paint.Net information. Haven't tried it yet, but will.


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