Monday, July 03, 2006

Ode to Juki

Oh, Juki, how I love thee...

I got my serger rethreaded this weekend & sewed up a storm. My favorite project? This adorable little yoked skirt for Lu:

We're big Strawberry Shortcake fans here! And whenever we're in the fabric store, she gravitates right to the novelty prints. This little skirt is super easy to make, no pattern required. (I shoulda saved it for Friday's tute, huh?!) And it only takes 1 yard of fabric!! Here's the diagram for cutting the skirt pieces:

Measure down 6 inches from the top cut edge (with your fabric folded, right sides together) and cut this strip of fabric for the yoke. Divide the remaining fabric in half for your skirt front & back. Seam front & back skirt together on one selvedge edge, then gather the top edge to fit the yoke piece. Stitch skirts to yoke. (You can pin first if it makes you feel safe. I'm a rebel and only pin if its a collar. Sometimes.)

Stitch the remaining side seam. Unless you've cut off the selvedges, you won't even have to finish the side edges! Now you can turn under the top yoke edge 1/4 inch (or serge like me, the Juki Lover) and then turn under again for your elastic casing. Hem the bottom edge of the skirt, and Ta Da!! Pretty twirly skirt! Yay!

This was a quick project, and with the help of the Juki Express it took less than 30 minutes. It's an easy 30-45 minute project (including cutting!!) with a sewing machine only. Use an iron to press up your hem & elastic casing into place instead of pinning. The iron is your friend.

Ah, the feeling of satisfaction when I haven't wallowed on the couch all weekend.


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