Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cruise Pants. (and wow I wish I REALLY WERE ON A CRUISE!!!)

But alas, NO. I'm at home. Feeling a bit under the weather today & yesterday. But I did whip out a pair of Loes Hinse Cruise Pants, in the crop version. These are made with a remnant of chocolate brown cotton gauze. Breezy & cool, and very little ironing required. Doesn't get much better than that! Here's a pic:

Two things I notice from this project...The sky doesn't shine through MY thighs like it does through Edith the Dressform's. Maybe I really do need to follow Oprah's advice & get me some Spanx underpants. Two...How come I get a perfect (and I mean perfect) fit from Loes Hinse's cruise pants, the slimmest pant I think she's ever made, and I can't do diddly squat to fit her looser fitting pants?! What's up with that logic?!!

I also made a pair of Textile Studio Soho pants. (umm, and if you're thinking you can stick to Storyboard Canon when you read my blog, sorry dear readers. I'm fickle. You're entirely right and these 2 pants are NOT on my storyboard. I promise to amend it ASAP. Really.) Well, I cut out the largest size, just as an extra measure of "in case" room. Way to big all over. Took in the side seams roughly an inch...still too baggy in the leg (never thought I'd say that again after the past few years of poundage creep.) And there's this weird bulge in the crotch area that makes it look like I might need to think about a jock strap if I play contact sports. Which I don't. (Or play any sport for that matter. Oh, and I don't need a jock strap either. My anatomy is OK. Nevermind.)

So I cut the pattern back down to my size by measurement and I'm going to try again with a yard of aqua twill I've got. They won't be pant length (they'll actually be bermuda length, but I'm just mainly worried about crotch & upper thigh...and NO, I'm never wearing bermudas.) What else am I gonna do with 1 yard of aqua twill?

Back to the sewing machine! Gonna make some more progress today hopefully! Will keep you posted....

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