Friday, July 21, 2006

SWAP Part Deux

Ok, unlike MOST of my honorable sewing intentions (i.e. those I blog about, plan, buy fabric & pattern for, then move on to something NEW before any actual sewing occurs) I'm actually working on that swap thing! Here's my storyboard so far:

I'm going with the uber popular browns, aquas, turquoise color scheme. I totally lay claim to that scheme, having bought these fabrics over a year ago (most of 'em anyway). Too bad I'm not a trend forecaster, huh? Well, anyway, they're appropriately aged now for sewing.

I've also got a little bit of cream (a nice pant weight gabardine, 2 knits for tops) and I've got this great retro print silky polyester in green with brown/cream print. (Just a sidenote here about poly...the word still has the ability to make me sneer. Polyester?! Ew. I blame the 70s. I find myself buying more & more tho.)

Moving on....Here's a close up of the great onionskin-like brown/turquoise knit that is actually NEW and fits perfectly in the SWAP

and here's the yummy green silky poly:

For the green, I LOVE this Burda World of Fashion 4/2005 top:

I think that green silky top with the cream trousers will look fabulous. I also made a Loes Hinse Tango skirt out of the green (already sewn, see below!) The green top can also go with the matching skirt! Of course, the top has the deep brown in it too, so it will pair with the brown items. I wouldn't normally pick something that tied below the waist that fact this blouse may be horribly unflattering on me :D I'm not sure I care right now! I just love the pattern, have the perfect fabric, the mood is in I'm making it. I'll let you know if it ever gets worn.

Green Skirt:

Just a note about the above fabrics...Both were $1/yard finds at Wal-Mart. I'm lucky enough to live near a distribution center, and I find great fabrics on the $1 table ALL the time. I don't normally spread it around of course, preferring to keep them all to myself! They're usually right in line with whatever's in RTW at the moment, making me think they're probably end-bolts? I know that Wal-Mart fabric managers don't pick the prints/types of fabrics for the $1 table, they just order by the pound. The latest $1 table goodies were several stretch laces (which, as you might know, are horribly hard to find!) Hopefully we're not just really lucky and we're actually going to keep getting good fabric!

As for the actual SWAP part of this swap, you'll notice I have more bottoms than required, and not enough variety in tops. I'm not sure how to plan for the tops...I want to actually WEAR them and I wear the same types of tops all the time. These are fitted, tried-N-true patterns, so I guess I'll stick to them for now. I have several others I could toss in...but I'm not ready yet. Also, the green isn't actually part of the initial SWAP color scheme, but I'm including it anyway because I love it and it "goes" with the other stuff. So I guess my swap is only partly correct...however if it means I have clothes to wear after all this planning (and sewing) then who's counting?!



  1. Your SWAP is beautifully planned out - I LOVE the colors!

  2. Your SWAP is looking good. Love the color choices.

    I really want to learn how to overlay fabric photos onto garment drawings as you did in your storyboard. If you find a moment to explain this, send me an email to I am sure it takes some sort of graphic program, but starter information would be great!

  3. No problem Linda! It's easy!! I should do a tute :D


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