Saturday, December 17, 2011

1937 Friendship Quilt

I won an ebay auction a couple of weeks ago, for a friendship quilt dated New Year's, 1937.  The date is pretty precise, because the quilt was signed with embroidered sentiments and signatures.

I love everything about this quilt.  I love the colors, the feedsack fabrics, the simple patchwork.  But it's the variety of embroidered signatures, names and places that makes me very happy.  What a sweet memento.  I'm sad that no family wanted to keep this treasure, but happy that I can spruce it up and set it out for a whole new family & generation to enjoy.

It does need some repairs, but most of that is handstitching several unsewn seams, not repairing holes.  Simple handwork while I'm watching Christmas movies on my holiday break!  It has been stored in a cedar chest and is really pretty pristine for its age.  I'm hoping a soak in the tub and careful drying (after it's repaired) and it will be ready to hang over a nice quilt rack.  Which I don't have yet.  Something to add to my flea market list!

In other's the boy's birthday today.  My handsome boy is 17.  How time flies...

Happy birthday to my 'little' comedian (he's about 6'3, so not so little anymore).

You can see the unwrapping of the gift involved lots of fur help.  Last night I laughed so hard at something he did (unintentional slapstick), I honestly thought I was going to wet myself.  My side ached for a good hour.

Love you G.


  1. What a magnificent heirloom quilt!
    And I really enjoyed reading your recaps of once Upon A Time.. sounds like a utterly fabulous must-watch show. We haven't got that here in Australia yet, so I'm looking forward to watching it some day!

  2. What a beautiful quilt, A. I'm sure you're family will love and treasure it.

    And Happy Birthday to your wee one! They grow so darn fast, don't they? g

  3. Your kids are so gorgeous.

  4. What an amazing quilt! When I see something like that it makes me wonder if no one wanted it, or if there was no one left to pass it to. Either way, how wonderful that it didn't end up in a landfill somewhere!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I'm glad someone is going to give it the love and recognition it deserves! And a big happy birthday to G!

  6. Happy Birthday, G Man!

    This quilt is so gorgeous! I'm so glad you got it and now it has a new family to love and appreciate it. I think the quilter would be pleased.

  7. What a lovely quilt! And Happy Birthday to your son! Wow, 17! Both of your children are gorgeous! Just like their mama...

  8. You won yourself a really beautiful quilt! And I cannot believe your son is 17! Gosh! My oldest is 7 and is growing so fast that I know he'll be really tall too. What a weird feeling it will be to look up to him instead of down.

  9. I love the quilt. I've been spending lots of time visiting vintage kitchen sites because of my 1940s kitchen make-over. I'm starting to become a vintage fan after all.

    Also, I didn't know we both had boys around the same age. It's so hard to see them grow up. They'll be gone before we know it. Enjoy him while you can!

  10. Awww... so cute! That's a good-lookin' family, for sure.

    And fabulous quilt purchase! I love signature quilts and this one looks really happy for some reason (you know how some of them, you sort of don't really feel the love? This one you do!)

    You get the best eBay wins! Clearly you spend too much time on eBay.



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