Saturday, October 29, 2011

Burda Style 11/11

Maybe it's just the cool date of this issue, but something has finally sparked my sewing urge!  There are several things I will trace today and probably a few more that will get flagged with a sticky.

Dress 119:  It has a vintage 40s feel in the model photo, so of course I love it.  I like the interesting construction lines (although I haven't been a fan of all the "flaps" BS seems to be throwing into random garments.  These are less flaps and more...capelet?)

Kimono Jacket #121:  I'm sure it's just a big rectangle with a couple of holes for a tie.  Smashing though.

Dress #117:  "Jessie's Girl" immediately started playing in my head when I saw this dress.  I can't explain it.  Much like my love for the dress.  It's a mystery...

Maxi "granny" Skirt #116: I'm a fan of all things kooky.  This is kooky (and not an elastic waist!) If you're into maxi skirts, I think this is a stylish choice.

Little Black Dress #123:  Simple and rather perfect.

Dress #107:  I really can't control my prairie fashion love.  I'll admit it's a problem.  Hello my name is Angie and I love the 70s Laura Ingalls look.  (If I start loving disco dresses and huge bell bottoms THEN you can start mocking me.  For now, let's allow this delusion to run its course).  Flannel dresses, Yes.  Especially with a floral underskirt and LACE.  (and granny boots). 

(Plus) Pants #136:  I LOVE these!  Woot for cute plus pants!!  Especially casual pants...we see them so rarely in BS.

Top #130:   Saving my Favorite for last!  I LOVE this top.  Of course it has ruffles, so that will be off putting to you ruffle haters, but...the lines are SO flattering.  I love the sleeve and the seaming and the midriff piece and the peplum.  If I still had time to design patterns for myself, I would have designed this.  No lie.
Honorable Mention Jacket #132:  Another plus design that deserves a mention. I get tired of all the jackets and coats BS puts out, because I don't enjoy making them (totally selfish reason).  I also have one tiny closet and nowhere to put winter jackets and coats (so I'm limited as to how many I can store).  But this looks like a great basic for shlepping to the grocery store (with those cute pants up there) or walking the trail after school on brisk autumn afternoons.  (Assuming I actually walked the trail.  Which I might start doing.)

That's it!  My picks.  I'll be tracing the plus top today and honestly, the Jessie's Girl dress.  My warm leggings are cute little boots are calling my name these days and that dress is perfect for that.  I might trace the jacket too.  I have turquoise stretch velour (don't ask) somewhere...  It's prettier than it sounds.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I had just finishing flicking through my copy when I read your post. I agree lots of good stuff this month. The hoodie, the pants and the black dress are my favs. Not quite sure what to make of the one up and one down sleeve thing that the red dress has though?

  2. ooohhh...I do love dress 119 and the kimono jacket. Ok, I think I'll have to scout out this issue!

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Hehe, you perfectly sum up Burda's style. Flaps! Big rectangles with holes!

  4. Ooh, thanks for posting these. I'm with Debi - I love the first two patterns. Definitely going to look this issue up.

  5. the first dress looks amazing.Burda is giving great patterns

  6. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Love that maxi skirt!



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