Monday, October 10, 2011

Crazy Shoe Lady

Amy commented on Saturday's post that the pantless model reminded her of those nightmares from high school, where she would show up and discover she was NAKED.  Oh noes!

Here's a funny (yet true) quirk of mine:  I've never had that dream where I show up somewhere naked or even in my underwear.

No, for me that nightmare is somewhat altered, but probably very telling:  I have always dreamed that I show up in public  

Apparently being shoe-less is a fate worse than public nudity.  (If you're a shoe ho like me, you can relate, amiright?)

In honor of Amy's (& my) greatest naked dream fears, I bring you Modcloth Crazy Lady Shoespiration for your Monday morning...

Molten Moves Heel
Blue Corn Cooking Heel

Kick Start Heel

Stemming Style Heel

Dance Jam Heel

From the Heartland Heel

Woodland Wonders Heel


  1. OMG, those are some great shoes. Heading over to Modcloth to check them out. If my hubby asks, I will say Angie made me do it!LOL

  2. I know you do this stuff just to torture me.

    hahah! my word verification is "pecos". maybe they're starting to just put in local placenames instead of actual captchas? Next time: "Dallas" Or, y'know, "Chickasha".

  3. While I'm glad that our dreams managed to inspire a post on shoes, I'm now experiencing major shoe lust - must resist clicking through!!!!

  4. You had me at "shoes"! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I was thinking, "Hey, I could actually wear some of those and be comfortable," and then I kept scrolling and the heels kept getting higher and higher. But definitely cute shoes!! Stop it, willya!

  6. This is telling more than you would ever say about you ;-) !!

    Great shoes!



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