Friday, October 07, 2011

Where is Peter Bishop?

Any Fringe fans out there?  I'm not gonna lie, I got lost last season and quit watching, but I've recently gotten HOOKED but good once more.  As a former X-phile, I am really enjoying this series.

First two episodes this season have been awesome.  But I sure miss my Peter.  (Any theories as to how he'll return?)  Because I miss his face, I bring some Joshua Jackson yummies to tide us all over.

Ahhh Josh.  Such a wholesome cutie.  Too bad he's all entangled with Diane Kruger.  You know, I'd hate her, but they're adorable.

Fringe is on tonight!  


  1. Oh how I lurrrrve this show! And even without Peter I'm still enjoying it! But thank you very much for the pics to tide me over :) My husband is a little annoyed with how easy it is for them to change history now, but I have faith they'll tie up all the loose ends.

  2. I like Fringe, too. It's one of the few shoes that my husband and I both enjoy.

    Plus... I love Joshua Jackson... I'm a die hard Dawson's Creek fan, too.

  3. ooo, also an old X-File fan...this show is peter bishop and miss that chemistry.....think he'll be back really soon tho...yes!!


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