Monday, October 17, 2011

Pan Am: Episode 4

I have just 3 words for last nights episode:

Vintage Bathing Suits!

 (with Navy boys. Mmm.)

Probably my fave, Laura's eyelet one-piece.

Maggie's suit, although cute, seemed straight out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High to me.  (I'm not entirely convinced of the authenticity of the vintage fashions just yet. It's too easy to get vintage-esque these days thanks to the rest of us vintage shoppers and the retailers catering to us.  Dear ABC: You're welcome.)

 If I wasn't such a sucker for eyelet, Kate's coral striped suit would definitely be my favorite!  (Kate wins the episode's Best Hair category too.  She's rockin that hair.)

And the one that got away...Colette's brown polkadot suit.  How I wish I had gotten a good look at the rest of it!  Colette wins for Best Hat.

The series as a whole is a bit slow-moving.  If it weren't for the call of the fashions, I might not still be watching.  I hope it finds its footing soon!


  1. I like it, but then again I like anything with good clothes! lol *sigh* I wish bathing suits were still like this. Mostly your options are slut or grandma and they are all crazy expensive!

  2. I found the unauthenticity of the fashions, hair and make-up to be off putting in the beginning but I'm starting to overlook it. Most of the girls' non-uniform outfits are fifties, not sixties. Their hairdo's are all too messy and none of them wear red lipstick. It's set in the early sixties, same as MadMen. Yes, they are younger and more fashionable than the ladies on MadMen, which could explain the lack of red lips, but hemlines were right under the knee by '58. BTW, I know a good portion of the garments are vintage because several of the vintage online shops I use are advertising that they've sold pieces to Pan Am.

  3. Mad Men is in the mid-late 60s at this point in teh series. I wish it was still the same era as Pan Am though! Time marches on.

    As far as authentic era clothes...really, the late 50s/early 60s are too closely related to gauge accuracy I suppose. Styles were overlapping then (as now).

    I wonder if Pan Am forbade red lips? Maybe that was a rule (too "hussy", haha, which is what an elderly relative used to say about red lips).

  4. I was reading through my blogroll quickly and saw Vintage Bathing Sluts (and of course I hopped right on over). Heh heh. But it kinda still works, no?

  5. I love how they're wearing high heels while sunbathing. I have to remember to try that next time I take the kids to the creek!

  6. Pan Am regulated pink lipstick on duty, it might stand to reason that the girls wouldn't take a whole bunch of makeup with them when travelling. (They do seem to love taking plenty of outfits, however)

    As someone who *has* to wear red lipstick at work, I never wear it off-duty. Might be the same for the 'Pan Am' crew...

  7. Good point, maybe!


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