Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fashion Inspiration

This week's faves from my Pinterest Stylish board... (click the photo caption to go to the pin!)


  1. From memory it s Rachael Bilson not Jennifer Garner in that pic. Nice photos all of them.

  2. Thanks Lia! Yup, I see it now. She's like a pre-mama Jennifer Garner, haha!

  3. I'm totally in love with that swiss dot and lace top! It has to be the color, because I never go for girly to that level, but maybe I should! I'm making a super soft pink tee right now (city weekend park ramble) and instead of the peter pan collar I was adding in self fabric, maybe I should put a lace collar on...or trim it in lace.

    I totally love the double layered hem in that photo with the leopard heels too. It's such a cool way to fancify a solid color garment.

    Total inspiration from this post Ms. Angie! Whatever would I do without your mad polyvore & pinterest skills?

  4. I am madly in love with the mustard blouse and the turquoise necklace worn with green.

  5. I totally owe (aka blame) you for hooking me on pinterest. It's so hard once you get logged in to stop pinning stuff because it is filled with awesome and frosted with amazing.

    I can never see brown dots without thinking about Pretty Woman and how I wanted that dress so bad and my mom found me a similar style in coral polka dots. I thought I was so hot in that dress. : )

  6. Who doesn't love leopard shoes? And the double-hem skirt is cute too.


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