Monday, October 03, 2011

jewelry box

Sometimes Lu & I just play with my vintage jewelry boxes.  Sorting, polishing, rearranging.  It's quite soothing!

My pearls I keep in old clamshell cases, and all of my vintage earrings and some pins are in these pretty leatherette boxes. 

Pretty and vintagey on the outside, but it's the inside that counts...

I haven't found a good storage solution for my collection of stretch bead bracelets yet...  Still looking!


  1. Your collection seems really well rounded - so many colours!

  2. Nice baubles, baby!

  3. You have some beautiful pretties :o) Seriously love the clams the pearls live in. g

  4. for stretchy bracelets... maybe some kind of bracelet roll? Then you'd have to have someplace to keep that, of course.

    word verification: "singenes". That is TOTALLY the girl-band I was in in my past life in the 1940s: The Sing-enes.

    doo wop doowop doowop.

    no. it was.


  5. oh, i love this! i went through my collection in preparation for the ny meetup gals coming over, and it was so much fun...

    i've been having trouble with bracelets too. been thinking of a clotheslines sort of solution, but i wouldn't want to have to take the whole thing down every time i want a bangle...

  6. Such nice photos ! I am inspired to organize that mess on my dresses. Maybe tomorrow...


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