Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shallow Sunday and the Snake

Sooo I was all mojo'd up because of this, and I went tra-la-la-ing through my fabric boxes (stored behind my sewing cabinet door) looking for the PERFECT wintery fabric and what should fall into my lap but...


Even me, with my ever present camera, cannot capture this for you on film.  I've still got the shakes.

(If I were Oona, I'd have a stash of liquor suitable for curing a snake shake, but since I am not I don't.  ALAS.)

You know what soothes my shaken, battered soul?   Pinterest.  

SPECIFICALLY...yummy eye candy on Pinterest. 

If I had to choose just one to deal with THE SNAKE, I'd go with McQueen. 

If I had to choose one to MARRY RIGHT FREAKING NOW, it'd be Colin Firth.  (But we might have to hire someone to deal with the snake.)

Random interesting Pinterest fact... Cary Grant has the most repins of anyone on my pin board.  Dudes everywhere should start taking notes methinks.

Now I'm off to drink a glass of water and take a deep, calming breath.  Again.

ps...My dear father came to my house to poke around for the snake.  He thinks its gone.  AAAHHHHHHHH. 

good bye.


  1. How did the snake get in the house is the question. There are snakes where I live, and I am ever cautious about bringing anything from the garage, or outside, into the house without a thorough inspection first!

  2. I hope the snake is gone! But OMG! Karl Urban!!!

  3. Snakes are really cool if they aren't living in your house! After seeing all that eye candy, I feel the need to watch season 4 of Mad Men. I haven't seen it yet and it's available on Netflix.

  4. I hate snakes! I would have freaked out even though it was only a skin - eew! Thanks for the eye candy :-)

  5. So glad it was just a snake skin and not a snake and I hope your Dad is right and the snake is officially gone. g

  6. omg snake skin must be so creepy!

  7. Yikes! My worst nightmare! After living in FL about 4 months, I killed a snake attempting to enter my house from my garage (accidently killed him, but whatever).

  8. I would be more worried about what rodents the snake was following into your house to eat. Snakeskins in my basement don't worry me. Mice and rats do.

  9. LinB - Well, remember I live in a field...on a the middle of the country. :D We DO have snakes and critters here. My house is at least 60 years old, so come cold weather we always have to re-weatherproof the old girl. My house is also native stone and the snakes love it in summer because it's cool, so it's "probable" that it just came in for warmth in the first cold spell and is long gone. That's what we're hoping! We're still searching just to be safe, but I have indoor cats now and one will definitely kill a snake. I'm trying to be less worried! (But the main point I was trying to make was...when you live on a farm, you sort of have to deal with rodents and snakes ALL year long, but especially at the first few cold snaps. We take preventative and precautionary measures, but old houses just aren't foolproof).

  10. ok seriously? How did I miss this flippin' post??? I'd say it was that I was avoiding hearing about the stupid snake, but.... no. I just didn't see it.

    And all that pretty eye candy!!!

    -sigh- typical.

  11. You girls work as Bermuda Triangle or something... I was browsing through Beangirl's links looking for something completely unrelated to hunky men and here I am, on another post with definitely interesting men shown, instead of patterns, fabrics etc... LOL There's even Connery! I wasn't that into the young Connery, more into the salt&pepper Connery with still reasonably enough hair LOL but heck, he's 6 years younger than my grandmother, so... well... ya know...
    Not to mention Cary Grant. I think I watched all of his films. Unbelievable.
    OK, so... I think I'm off, wandering again in search of arts&crafts posts LOL


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